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DIY Craft: Simple Handmade Christmas Card

Updated on November 20, 2014

DAY 19, HUB #19

The 2nd Christmas Card I made
The 2nd Christmas Card I made | Source
Simple and Easy Christmas Card
Simple and Easy Christmas Card

Season greetings everyone! I believe that everybody has their own ideal ways to send Christmas greetings to their family members, relatives and friends.

No doubt that in this modern technology, majority of people prefers to send Christmas greetings through email, greeting cards websites and send SMS by handset. Thus, the recipient receives the Christmas greetings instantly, much to everyone’s convenience, promptly and saves time.

What is your opinion of this handmade Christmas Card?

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Why I chose to send handmade Christmas Cards?

This time, I chose to send my handmade Christmas card rather than store bought cards.

  • To send Christmas cards by mail is the most traditional method, shows appreciation and valuable friendship.
  • A handmade Christmas card is a magical card to me. It brings out thousand of words, signify warmth, love to the people we cared and cherish.
  • In the past, I used to send store bought cards to my relatives and friends but I never receive a phone call or a thank you from them.
  • However, when I started sending handmade cards, they were pleased to receive something different from others and sent “ a thank you” SMS to me.

What you need to make a Handmade Christmas Card

In order to make this simple and easy handmade Christmas card without much cuttings and fancy add on, you will need:

  • a plain white card,
  • some color papers,
  • ribbons and
  • color markers for colorful wordings.

I love the simple outlook of this Christmas card, a green Christmas tree with ribbons at the side borders, make the Christmas card resembles a present. Jagged sides from a color paper seems like a natural pattern to me.

Pretty bows to represent the stars lighted on Christmas tree. Not forgetting comical letters brings out the joyful feelings. Try it out now and send it to your friends or someone special for this Christmas. I bet that he or she will appreciate your effort.

Good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !! Praise the Lord, Amen !

I LOVE This Ribbons!

Most ribbons are plain in colors, usually the 7 colors in the rainbow.

However, this Hipgirl ribbons are unique. It comes in different designs you can choose from.

I like the polka dots ribbons which is suitable for Birthday cards, Easter egg ribbon for Easter card and the light green ribbon for Christmas cards.

Its quality is fantastic, doesn't comes off the thread and easily glue to the cards.

Utensils Photos

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Glue and any color ribbonsRuler, a pencil, some markers and a pair of scissorsA white card and color papers
Glue and any color ribbons
Glue and any color ribbons | Source
Ruler, a pencil, some markers and a pair of scissors
Ruler, a pencil, some markers and a pair of scissors | Source
A white card and color papers
A white card and color papers | Source

Things That You Need:

  • a bottle of Glue - prefer the sticky ones
  • Color Ribbons - cut 3 pieces approximately 10cm long & make 3 bows
  • a ruler - to take measurements
  • a pencil - to draw lines
  • a few color markers - to draw outlines
  • a pair of scissors - to cut ( not much cutting though )
  • a white card - the main card
  • some color papers - to paste on the main card

Step 1

Fold white card into half
Fold white card into half | Source
  • Choose a white card which weighs 120gm or more. Matte or heavyweight card are suitable to make greetings card.
  • Measure white card 6.5" x 9".
  • Cut it out.
  • Fold into 1/2

Step 2

Choose a purple color paper
Choose a purple color paper | Source

How to make the jagged designs

  • Choose any color paper that you like. ( I chose purple ).
  • Measure and cut the size of the paper slightly smaller than the front of the white card.
  • Use your fingers to tear all the sides of 4 borders.
  • Do not tear too big.
  • Tear them slowly and in small tears.
  • It should look jagged ( zigzag ).

Step 3

Measure the length of the ribbons
Measure the length of the ribbons | Source
Click thumbnail to view full-size
paste ribbonpaste
paste ribbon
paste ribbon

How to paste the border ribbons

  • Cut 2 piece of long string ribbons
  • Measure the approximate length of both right hand side and the bottom borders of the card. ( as photo shown)
  • Paste them on the front card, one of the right and the other at the bottom.
  • Trim off any excess ribbons.
  • Next, apply some glue at the back of the jagged purple paper.
  • Paste the purple paper in the middle of the front card.

Step 4

Fold into half
Fold into half | Source
draw the tree stand
draw the tree stand
paste it
paste it

How to draw and paste the Christmas Tree

  • Choose a piece of green paper for the Christmas tree.
  • Cut out the size of the paper slightly smaller than the purple paper.
  • Fold it into half.
  • Draw a half triangle at the crease of the paper.
  • Cut out the half triangle shape.
  • Open up the paper.
  • You get a full shape of a triangle.
  • Use the excess purple paper to make the tree stump.
  • Draw a small rectangle.
  • Cut it out.
  • Apply some glue at the back of the purple tree stump.
  • Paste the tree stump at the back of the Christmas tree.
  • Adjust according to the height that you desire.
  • Apply some glue at the back of the Christmas tree and the stump.
  • Paste it in the middle of the jagged purple paper.

How to draw a Christmas Tree

1. Open MS Word

2. Press "New" and then select "Blank Document"

3. Select "Insert" and then press "SHapes"

4. Choose the TRIANGLE logo

5. Pull the mouse cursor away to enlarge the triangle shape according to your desire length.

Step 5

Pretty bows
Pretty bows | Source
Click thumbnail to view full-size
tie pretty bowsdraw the alphabetscut them out
tie pretty bows
tie pretty bows | Source
draw the alphabets
draw the alphabets
cut them out
cut them out

How to make pretty bows and Christmas messages

  • Cut out 3 long strings of ribbon.
  • Tie a pretty bow out of each string.
  • Make sure that the knot is tight. Otherwise, it will come out loose.
  • Apply a little glue or double-sided tape at the back of each bow.
  • Paste the 1st bow at the tip of the Christmas tree.
  • The 2nd bow in the middle.
  • Next, the 3rd bow at the bottom of the tree.
  • Draw the "Merry Christmas" alphabets with a marker pen on different color papers.
  • Cut out each alphabets.
  • Apply glue at the back of each alphabets.

How to tie a tiny bow with a fork

Final Picture !

Vertical Christmas Message
Vertical Christmas Message | Source
Horizontal Christmas Message
Horizontal Christmas Message

Use your Creativity

  • Paste the message "Merry" at the top of the Christmas tree and "Christmas" at the bottom.
  • Use your creativity to paste the message.
  • It can be vertical or horizontal, curvy or comical patterns.
  • Otherwise, paste horizontal; "Merry" on the left hand side and "Christmas" on the right hand side.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home


      Yep, i am sure your family will enjoy this craft.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 4 years ago from Northern California

      This would be a fun family night project. I think doing it as a group would inspire one another .

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home


      Thanks for reading my hub. I am sure you will find the card easy to do. Best of luck!


      Yes, it is a fun craft to do with kids. You can modify the Christmas tree into something else for any special occasion. Cherio!

    • cvanthul profile image

      Cristina Vanthul 5 years ago from Florida

      Great idea for a family craft to do with the kids. And this can be done for any special holiday.

    • TattooKitty profile image

      TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii

      Lovely step-by-step & cute card; this would be a great craft to bring out when I'm babysitting my friends' kids!! Thanks for sharing!!