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How does Santa do it?

Updated on December 24, 2010

Santa Claus

All in one night!

I was a kid once and it was not so long ago. I can still remember vividly my mom reading to me at night to prepare me for going to bed. It was a fun time and I was very fortunate to have loving parents and 2 wonderful sisters. Celebrating Christmas as a child is a beautiful time and it is what delights the "little kid" in all of us. When I think back to that special time in my life when I eagerly awaited Santa's visit and looked forward to seeing what he left for us under the tree I get a feeling of hope, joy, happiness, nostalgia, wonderful memories of my parents, their love for us and a glimpse back to a childhood innocence when all was seemingly perfect.

I always wondered how Santa made his journey every Christmas eve and how he never seemed to disappoint us. Every Christmas was special and we all delighted in opening our presents with our family and it always seemed that we were surprised and very happy with all we received from Santa Claus. I always tried to envision in my mind how wonderful it must be to journey out every Christmas eve visiting children's homes all throughout the world and providing gifts and hope to all of them. How special it is to bring joy and smiles to children everywhere. I always wanted to stay up late on Christmas eve just to get a peak at Santa and his reindeer. I would look out my bedroom window hoping to see him. I remember my parents would always say that Santa knows to come only when we are asleep and they would make sure I was in my bed and mom would read me the wonderful story "Twas the night before Christmas" which always brings a sentimental tear to my eye and smile to my face as I remember it as if it were only yesterday.

Kids are what make Christmas so special and the joy in their hearts and the anticipation they express in their words and their expressions are priceless and what make the season so wonderful for all to share. I see it in my son's writings and I hear it with his words as he tells me what he wishes Santa to bring him this year. I always tell him to be the best he can be and he surely will be rewarded and Santa always knows if we are good. I love to see my son talk with such excitement and hope and it is what makes me appreciate the special meaning of Christmas and the beauty of childhood and the innocence of our youth.

If only Christmas could be everyday with all the joy and happiness we share with one another. A parent loves to see the smiles on their faces and hold on to the memories as they see their child open their presents under the Christmas tree with such excitement and eagerness. The best part is when you see your child delight in their new toy and say the words "just what I always wanted." I wish that every child in the world could experience Christmas and hope and have something to look forward to always. To me that would be the best Christmas gift of all.

As we celebrate Christmas with our family we should always reflect on the true meaning of the season and also remember the joy of Christ's birth as we learned as young children about Mary and Joseph and the miracle of the baby Jesus born in a manger with Mary as his loving and adoring mother and Joseph, a carpenter his caring and protective father. They were looking for a safe place for their son's birth and found it in a manger nestled with the animals who seemed to know the special child and the gift.

This we hold in our heart and this is what makes Christmas so special and such a joyous time for all and knowing that in addition to Jesus birth we also share in Santa's visit. What a truly special holiday for children and their parents. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Santa Claus is coming to town


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