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How many side dishes do you make for Thanksgiving?

Updated on November 19, 2008

At A Sit-Down Family Dinner

I never counted before! When we sit down together for an immediate family Thanksgiving dinner and there are less than ten of us, we usually keep the same meal every year, like many people do. Beforehand, we'd have appetizers of pickles, olives, a veggie tray and maybe chips and salsa.

With the turkey, we have

  1. Mashed potatoes and gravy
  2. Dressing baked inside the turkey and separately
  3. Homemade bread
  4. Green bean casserole
  5. Green salad
  6. Sweet potatoes baked with brown sugar
  7. Jello
  8. Cranberry sauce from a can
  9. Homemade cranberry sauce

Dessert would be pumpkin pie with whipped cream and apple or cherry pie!


At A Buffet Style Family Dinner

When there's 15-20 of us, the menu expands and we serve buffet style and set up a card table. In addition to the main meal, we have appetizers: olives, pickles, a cold veggie tray, stuffed mushrooms.

With the turkey, we would have:

  1. Mashed potatoes and gravy
  2. Dressing baked separately from the turkey
  3. Homemade bread
  4. Homemade rolls
  5. Green bean casserole
  6. Broccoli or Fennel or Spinach dish
  7. Green salad
  8. Jello
  9. Sweet potatoes baked with brown sugar
  10. Homemade cranberry sauce
  11. Sausage and sauerkraut
  12. Mosticiolli

Dessert is always pie: pumpkin with whipped cream, apple pie with ice creamand maybe cherry or lemon or banana cream pie!



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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      really very informative

      I am hungry

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 9 years ago

      another good hub! thank for answering my request!