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How to Achieve the Twilight Vampire Skin Look

Updated on February 29, 2020

By now, most folks who don't live on Mars are aware of the Twilight phenomenon.  Between repeated viewings of the first movie, posters, stickers, the novels, t-shirts, fan sites and new words to describe the Twilight/Edward Cullens/Bella/vampire mania that has enthralled thousands of people worldwide, one popular costume type will be that of the Twilight style of vampire.

In Twilight, viewers saw what we all consider to be fairly stereotypical vampiric makeup - pale skin, accented cheekbones, over-red lips, all the classics.  However, in the second installment of the Twilight saga, New Moon, viewers get to see the makeup taken up a notch.  In this Hub you'll learn how to create the Cullens vampire style of makeup to emulate for parties and costumed events - and the best part is it's quite easy!

Face Prep

Before you apply the makeups outlined, you want to prepare your face.  Just like an artist uses a clean, dry canvas to paint on, so too should your face be clean and ready.  So, first you'll wash your face, dry thoroughly, then use just a touch of lotion to get your face nice and soft.  Using a flesh toned concealer cover up any blemishes or dark spots.  Now you're ready to begin your transformation into a Twilight Vampire!

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As you can see from the pictures here, New Moon will give us a more clear view of how filmmakers envisioned the Cullens family and Volturi. A variety of skin tones were present, but in all cases the skin had an eerie sheen. So, to create that, the first step is to cover the entirety of your face and neck with foundation that matches your skin tone. Using a makeup sponge and a liquid foundation, cover your face and neck evenly, including your lips, eyebrows and ears.

One of the recurring aesthetics surrounding vampires in Stephanie Meyer's flicks is that the vampires have a distinctive look when the sunlight hits them.  Specifically, they sparkle.  To achieve this, a white powder with a metallic gleam should be brushed lightly over your foundation, giving an all-over sparkle.  Then you're ready for the next step - defining your eyes and lips.

Eyes and Lips

Take a brow pencil the color of your hair and create thin, defined eyebrows with it.  Remember, your foundation should've coated your eyebrows too, leaving your eyebrows ready for the pencil.  If you make a mistake on the lines, you can always blot it out and reapply foundation to the eyebrow area fairly easily.

Next, line your upper eyelid with black eyeliner, fairly thick.  This will bring a LOT of attention to your eyes.  Follow suit with your lower lid, and meet these linings just above the join on the outsides of your eyelids.  Using a light grey eye shadow, lightly color a curved line where your eyelid naturally folds over your eyeball.

Your lips will be a sort of peachy red, so choose a vibrant color of red lipstick and lip liner, line your lips and use a brush to apply the lipstick so that you can fade it and blend it in well so the achieved color looks somewhat faded.

Finally, if you have the funds for such, pick yourself up a pair of color change contact lenses in a golden amber shade.  This will give your eyes the special "vampiric" color from the movie.

This is a Hubmob Halloween Hub!
This is a Hubmob Halloween Hub!

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