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How to Add Excitement to Your Easter Egg Hunt

Updated on February 27, 2017
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Take It to a Whole New Level This Year!

Every year, Easter pretty much has the same old traditions. People usually boil some eggs, dye them, and then hide them for the Easter Egg Hunt. The youngest children in the family usually enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt, but it is tough getting everyone excited about it.

None of the adults really want to bother hiding the eggs. People are not getting carried away volunteering to look for the eggs with the kids. Some people are probably still finding eggs outside that were hidden last year for the Easter Egg Hunt. Perhaps it is time to take the Easter Egg Hunt to a whole new level this year. Let's determine some ways one can add a little excitement to the Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Camouflage Eggs

Want to make the Easter Egg Hunt a whole new adventure this year? Oh yes! I have just the answer for you! Camouflage eggs! If you are hiding those eggs outdoors, make sure to paint the Easter Eggs to look like camouflage. No one will find the eggs this time around. If you decide to use a points system for the Easter Egg Hunt, deduct points for anyone that steps on an egg. After all, it is going to be hard to find green camouflage eggs in the grass.

You've just stepped up the hunt this year! (And maybe stepped into a pile of camouflage Easter eggs.)

Tackle Egg Hunting

You've heard of tackle football, right? Well, tackle egg hunting is the same concept. Naturally, you don't want to injure any small children. You will want to exclude younger kids from participating in the Tackle Easter Egg Hunt event. However, this might be the way to make an otherwise boring Easter Egg Hunt become more exciting for teens and adults. After all, Easter always falls on a Sunday anyway. Football belongs on Sunday... so does the Tackle Easter Egg Hunt.

Basically, the concept is simple. If two people see an Easter Egg at the same time, one person tackles the other and rolls around on the ground until the winner grabs the egg. Of course, while the tackling and potential fight breaks out, don't be surprised if someone else doesn't steal the egg. There are no rules against this in Tackle Easter Egg Hunting! Good luck with that!

Add Some Money to Those Eggs!

The best way to amp up your Easter Egg Hunt this year is to "sweeten the deal" a little for those playing. Along with all your dyed eggs, make sure to get about a dozen plastic Easter Eggs. Everyone puts together money and adds them to the plastic eggs. This is when the real fun begins! Some folks might only add change to the eggs. However, if you want to make this an Easter Egg Hunt to remember, add some cash. If possible, make just one egg the big cash egg and then add change or jelly beans to the other plastic eggs. Hide all of the plastic and dyed eggs in the yard and let the fun begin!

You will be surprised to see just how much enthusiasm everyone will feel towards the Easter Egg Hunt this year with money in the eggs. Do you have annoying teens in the family that don't want to participate? Oh, they'll hunt for Easter Eggs this year! How about your uncle with the gambling problem? I'll bet he'll be out there looking for Easter Eggs this year, too. Nothing brings a family closer together than pure greed.

A little piece of advice though - you probably don't want to combine the Money Easter Egg Hunt with the Tackle Easter Egg Hunt. It would be a shame calling the police in to break up that kind of fight.


Seriously Hide All the Eggs

Would you like to frustrate everyone this year for Easter? When you volunteer to hide the Easter Eggs this year, REALLY hide them. Take all of the cartons of Easter Eggs and simply put them in the trunk of a car, or better yet, bury them. It will take everyone hours to realize what you've done. They may never even figure it out.

Imagine the fun you will have with all the Easter Eggs later on. If the temperature is really cold this Easter, you can stash them in the trunk of the car and eat them all later. It will be awesome! Sure, no one will allow you to ever hide the eggs again, but no one really wants that task anyway. Hooray!

Final Thoughts on the Hunt

There are many ways to make your Easter Egg Hunt more exciting this year. Sure, you can go with some of these ideas, but there are plenty of other fun things to do, too. Just use your imagination! You can dye the eggs weird colors, decorate the eggs with crazy faces, only use Cadbury Eggs (yum!), or even mix it up by using raw eggs instead of boiled eggs. Of course, no one realizes that special surprise until someone drops an egg. Good times, good times. So have fun with your Easter Egg Hunt this year. Make sure to take your hunt to the next level to add a little excitement this time around.

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