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How to Admire Christmas Lights in the Rain

Updated on December 11, 2012

Buying and putting Christmas lights in front of your house as decorations can be an activity filled with joy and fun altogether but in order to be able to admire the Christmas lights in the rain it's important that one checks the instructions and what safety procedures the person has to follow in order for everything to go well. As well as also the type of lights that the decorator can consider before buying for the house decoration.

These are an example of enviormental lights.
These are an example of enviormental lights.
LED lights made out of raindeer
LED lights made out of raindeer

The Christmas lights

If you don't want to have any light damage with your Christmas lights when it rains the buy the ones that are resistant to water so that way there wont be any problems.

There are two types of Christmas lights-

The enviormental christmas lights- which are more durable than the regular incandescent light bulbs.

The LED lights which are ( light emitting diode) are lights that use the electricity these lights are also good because they are able to resist the rain, as well as rain leaks than the traditional incandescent Christmas lights . Another good option that there is available are the solar lights- these stay cool when you touch them with your hands the cold rain will not make the light bulbs explode as the hot light bulbs do.

Something that all of the lights should have are an underwriters lab ( UL) also called a holographic tag so what is the holographic tag indeed? the holographic tag is a tag that shows what engineers have evaluated as samples of each product to make sure that they follow the guidelines of the UL and also from the American National standards Institute this company also tests the lights on rainy conditions to see if the lights might create a short circuit or a fire when they are wet.

How to cover the display of the lights

A Lot of the home owners that take time to decorate their house they develop a great sense of pride because they made it and its kind of seen as an artwork type of activity so homeowners take the next steps in order to protect their own display of lights by covering the lights instead of just turning off and on the lights and unplugging the wires. Also the huge light displays such as Santa clause and his rain-deer those you can take inside your house the strands of the lights that are attached to a homes awning those can be covered with a big tarp over the roof. For the medium sized light decorations like the lollipops or candy canes its best if you tie those with a plastic bag over their tops so that way the bag can be useful to cover the displays.

How to protect the electrical outlets

If for some reason the light display is plugged inside your house or the garage this does not mean that the light decorations will be positively safe from the rain indeed one of the things that you should do is to check the ceilings, floors and walls that are close to the outlets to make sure that they are not leaking of water. Something that you should not do is to not connect the plug of lights into an outlet that is in heavy indoor or outdoor traffic where there are coats, umbrellas, rain-boots, or animals that may bring water inside the house. Instead you might want to think about using in ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI'S) for short you can consider this for any light outlets that will provide power to outdoor lights.

Another thing to know is that houses that were made within the last 25 years are the ones that have ( GFCI'S) and this cuts the power from an outlet if by any chance there may be a leak in the power cord there is also another way that you can keep your Christmas light decorations and your family safe is by using the three sponged extension cords that are appropriate for outdoors but make sure that they stay cool and dry as much as possible and do not leave them on the floor to prevent them from water contact.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      Interesting and usful hub. I'm still like a kid I like to drive around and see the lights. We have our yard lite with a bottle tree it looks like a tree. The lights are inside the bottles. Voted Up.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      If and when we ever decide to purchase outside lighting, we will certainly look for those holographic tags to make sure the lights have been properly tested. I like the idea of solar lighting. Up and useful votes.