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How to Choose A Perfect Wedding Event Centre

Updated on May 6, 2015

Now your wedding bells are ringing and you want your day to be a memorable one. As you consider picking a wedding event location there are certain things you must put into considerations, whether you dream of having a beach bash wedding ceremony or a church ceremony. This factors will help you to determine which event center you want and also save you some stress and disappointments.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Venue For Your Wedding.


To confidently pick a venue for wedding ceremony you should know your logistics. This means you should have an idea of the numbers of guest you will be hosting, the time of the day and the season you want your wedding to hold. Considering this factor before choosing a wedding venue will definitely save you some stress later on. Having a rough idea of your wedding size will allow you set up a useful list.

Your wedding event location search can also be shaped into an easy one when you have any idea of the season you want your wedding to hold. Ask questions such as if the venue holds wedding during that season. Also ask for pictures of wedding held in the season you intend to get married to ascertain if that is actually what you want.

Your Wedding Style

Deciding on the style of wedding whether it be a romantic vineyard, an industrial loft, a beach bash, an elegant barn, a formal, an informal, traditional, innovative , a chapel ceremony, an indoor or outdoor event,will help you in choosing the venue you need to visit. All of this spaces sounds appealing, when planing a wedding it is not easy to plan a style specific wedding in all venues and this why you must take this into considerations. This is very important because it will help you save some money on decoration if you are able to select a venue that marches your wedding style.

Geographical Location

Considering the venue geographical location is very important. When selecting a location, select a location that is easy for majority of your guest. You need to consider your guest whether you are hosting your wedding event close to your home or planning a destination wedding in another city. You need to think about the total driving distance to and fro, is your guest list mostly made up of the elderly, housewives, nursing mothers and so on.

Special Requirements

In some venues their are strict rules and regulations which must be followed and that is why this factor must be considered. This rules includes no smoking or consumption of alcoholic drinks. If your guest are mostly smokers and if alchol is going to be consumed than you should look for a venue without such rules. It is important that you identify the special factors that are important for your wedding before signing a contract. Some of those factors includes

  • Identify if the place has a parking lot for guest, if their are any fee they would be charged for parking their cars or if it is free of charge.
  • Find out if the venue is full service or not. A full service event centre offers everything from the catering supplies to the chair, table, linen rentals and even the decoration packages, while the non full service only offers you the space and you will need to fill in the other requirement by yourself.

Is their anything am missing feel free to add your suggestions.

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