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How to Choose London Party Venues?

Updated on August 9, 2013
London Party Venues
London Party Venues
Party Decor
Party Decor
Perfect Catering
Perfect Catering
On the Dance Floor
On the Dance Floor

Choosing a party venue in London can be really mind boggling with so many options available all around the city! Whether it is your 21st birthday celebrations or a Christmas bash, London throws a mind-boggling variety of options. The only catch is that you have multiple options in front of you and you have to choose the best one.To save you the horror of going through the choice, here are some guidelines you can follow to get to the right venue you are looking for. Try to reach out to your desired choice by following these tips during your venue look out:

Are You Looking in the Right Location?

Your party location needs to be conveniently accessible to your guest. If the party venue is hiding behind the alleys, many would gladly dispense from joining in your party. Do not forget that parking facility is also a big consideration.Besides it is always good to have a venue which is linked with public transportation networks.

Has Your Party Venue Enough Space for Your Guests?

It is crucial that the venue accommodates the group of your partiers comfortably. Select a party venue that can space up for your guest list. While a small venue will look cramped, an excessively large one will not only burn your pockets, but also gives a fragmented feeling.

Does the Venue Match Your Party Theme?

Your party theme needs to match the ambience of the place. How about having a very romantic spot in London hired for your wedding in London? Or having a corporate event booked somewhere around St Paul’s Cathedral?


Does that venue provide all the catering solutions you are looking for? Your caterings need to meet the requirements of all your guests. The caterings meet the requirements of all the guests of yours, whether they are vegetarian or non –vegetarian. Besides, there will be some other issues like the alcoholic beverages. You can make people enjoy the serves with a regulated intake. Find the alternatives for teetotalers though.

Planning For Some Entertainment?

If you are planning to bring some entertainment to your party, check the facilities with the party venue. A public address podium, dancing space or a corporate event arrangements, whatever your requirements may be, the venue selected by you should have your desired facilities. Make sure all the arrangements can be facilitated for the event.

How will you welcome summers this year?

See results

Party in the Open:

A party in an open venue would make it a true summer celebration. Think of an open garden party, or a terrace party. Doesn't it give you butterflies in the stomach? It will not only be entertaining, but also quite relaxing. Enjoy the sea of greenery while you are partying in an open space.

Best Alfresco Party Venues:

Ø The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace

Ø The Conservatory and Garden

Summer Theme Party:

Summers are just round the corner. Therefore, it would only be befitting to host a party with the summer season as the theme.Ask your guests to put on summer attires for the party. It will be the best way of welcoming summer season. Besides, you can add some vibrating summer tracks for a DJ dance party at a suitable party venue.

Top Party Venues in London For Summer Theme Celebrations

Ø Trinity House

Ø Gibson Hall

Summer Party
Summer Party
Partying in a Pool
Partying in a Pool
Grilling up the Party
Grilling up the Party
Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party

Summer Party and Venue Ideas

Summers are approaching and it is right time to throw a sun bathing celebration at a summer party, before someone else does. There are some remarkable party venues in London, which will add a thrill to your guest’s partying mood. There are venues in London for every requirement and it is feasible to book a venue that matches your particular requirements. Find out best summer party venue choices for this year.

Summer Party Plans

Pool Parties:

Plan a pool party for your friends, where they can come and relax for some time. There are some very amazing party venues in the city, which would be the best choice for this idea. Not every venue has the option of a pool party, so choose wisely. Pool parties are a real fun with the splash of water mellowing down the scorching heat of the day.

Best Pool Party Venues:

Book a space at hotels accompanying pools.

Barbeque Parties:

A yummy barbeque is probably one of the best ways to welcome summers.There are several barbeque venues in London, with open space that give you the ambience you are looking forward to. Enjoy Summers in London with barbeque steaks, roasted chicken and maybe hotdogs?

London Barbeque Venues:

Ø Haberdashers Hall

Ø The Tower Wine Bar and Medieval Piazza

Cocktail Parties:

Chilled cocktails during London Summers are truly a treat to savour.if you are planning to host a cocktail party, bars and clubs will be the best choices. Choose an excellent bar in the central London to hire it as the venue for your cocktail party. in addition to this, make sure that your party venue has professional bartenders to serve your guests in the best possible manner.

Venues for Cocktail Party:

Ø Clun Ten in Grange St Paul’s

Ø Baltic Bar of Baltic Exchange

Formal Party
Formal Party
Corporate Venue
Corporate Venue
Holding Workshop
Holding Workshop

Formal Party Venues

Formal parties, sometimes, run the risk of being too serious. If you don’t want your party to edge towards boredom, plan beforehand.You can start your prospective formal event with two things- deciding for the entertainment part and finding out your suitability among the formal party venues London, which can take load off your shoulders. You need specific venues for specific occasions:

Conference Venues

Conference venues in London are highly suitable for a business conference which requires a refined ambience with flawless technical support and exigency props.Perfectly suited for workshops, brand launches, training programs, seminars and dealer’s meet, conference venues in London offer exquisite facilities. in addition to this, all the venues come with an on-site management team that will take care of the event planning aspect.

Corporate Venues

Usually, it is really taxing to spark off an arrangement; right from the scratch to the top, where everything is immaculate in the event in the event. Corporate venues in London relieve you of the trouble, and you can actually trust the venue and its experts to look into your requirements. Make one of these spaces your choice for the next upcoming corporate event, and let the facilities of the venue carry your corporate affair smoothly till the end.

Workshop Venues:

If you want to make your workshop effective, arrange your workshop at a workshop venue in London, where there is every prop you require for your event. With the recent cutting edge competition, you cannot do with the mediocrity. You need an expertise. Then be it a corporate firm or an excellence in the art forms. You can bring on the idea of arranging a workshop for it.

Book Launch Event
Book Launch Event
Getting an Award
Getting an Award

Informal Affairs

Exhibition Venues:

Exhibitions need a space to let their work breath in. Exhibitions have to reflect the environment and professionalism of the exhibitor. There are several professional exhibition centres in London, which can take your event to success. So, for any commercial purpose, be it fairs, expos, books or paintings, check out your priorities and arrange for the big event.

Book Launch Venues

Book launches, these days observe big preparations, with promotional activities and a crowd of fans. If you are also planning to arrange a book launch, then rejoice as the city has plenty of book launch venues for you. Make your event elaborate with perfect preparations, and by sending invitations to the big names of your genre of writers and critiques.

Award Venues:

To get the best out of anyone, there has to be an appreciation of the contribution. Even in the corporate firms there is a trend of award ceremonies, which give a boost to the employees, driving them to work together in their better capacities. To arrange this big event, arrange this ceremony at an award venue, that sails your event to success.

There are venues in London for various formal occasions. Find out what matches your requirement before you make a choice.

Jingle All the Way
Jingle All the Way
Partying in a Hall
Partying in a Hall
Christmas Party Decor
Christmas Party Decor

Throwing Party at a Christmas Venue

It’s Christmas time in London! What can be better than having a Christmas party with your close to heart cronies to warm you up? The idea of throwing a Christmas party starts with a perfect Christmas party venue in London that can accommodate all your guests. While planning for the Christmas party,arrange an event with these ideas at the back of you mind:

Christmas Venues Generally Take the Charge of Foodies, Does Yours?

Christmas party venues take the charge of serving the guests with the delectables you want their on your menu card for the party. Make it clear with the venue if the meals will be served in enough affection. List down your preferences well in advance.

In What Measure Do You Want the Champagne to Flow?

Champagne is not only good; rather it also helps to lift the mood of the party to a Bacchus thrill. But a manoeuvring effect can lead the party to a catastrophe! So before you have the champagne effect on your nerves, decide with the venue how much liquor you want. Managing a Christmas party is in the control of the Christmas venue you have hired.

How Long Will the Party Run?

Since it is Christmas party, it is possible that the crowd might lose the track of time. Have a clear idea of what will be the duration of the party. Party venues are very particular about the hours your party will run. So wind up your celebrations in this time. And since you just can’t ask your guests to move out, you got to have your venue booked for enough time.

Will There be Place For a Few Uninvited ‘Plus One’?

Though not many will turn up with an uninvited companion, there can be a few really close one who might turn up with a plus one. Is your Christmas venue spacious enough to accommodate this surprise visitor?

What Will Be the Decorations Like?

Decorations have to go hand in hand with the party themes or the costumes you have decided for the Christmas party. Without a proper decoration your party can fall flat. Your party venue will help you in creating the effects you want to be there.

Choosing a party venue can be a formidable task. Use these ideas and organize your party in the best possible way.


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      Celina Martin 7 years ago from London

      @Terry Smith Thanks

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      Terry Smith 7 years ago

      With Christmas lying just on the other end of the day, these tips are really helpful in rushing to the right choice. Great help. All thumbs up :)

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      breathe2travel 7 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      I think the principles of this hub can be applied to most venues. Useful hub. Voted up. :)

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