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How to Choose a Costume for Halloween

Updated on June 18, 2013

Fun for all ages

"Batman" was the costume of choice for our grandson and "whatever" was Grandpa's - but they both had fun.
"Batman" was the costume of choice for our grandson and "whatever" was Grandpa's - but they both had fun. | Source

Halloween is the fun time of year

Halloween is a fun time of year. It's the event where you can dress up and pretend - no matter how old you are or who you are...that you are someone - or something - else for the day.

One of my favorite Halloween costume memories is when I was in elementary school. My younger sister and I got the idea that we'd dress up as Calypso dancers...inspired by a dancing style of Caribbean music that we'd seen on television. My mom had taught us to sew but we didn't want to spend the time making our costumes out of fabric. Mom had also recently taught us how to make flowers out of crepe paper...a stretchy craft paper. We chose that.

So, we made colorful crepe paper skirts and hats and big flowers to pin on our sweatshirts and off we went with our friends for treat-or-treating. Halfway through the evening it started to rain. By the time we got home, we were crying, our costumes were in tatters and we were streaming colors everywhere! We hadn't even considered that the paper we chose was not colorfast.

Another favorite costume memory is much more recent. When our grandson was just six months old, our daughter got a giraffe costume for him. It was the cutest thing we ever saw!

Family Halloween Costume Choices

Choosing a Halloween Costume is a personal thing

Halloween's coming...what to wear? Here's a few things to consider when coming up with your dress-up outfit:

  • events: are you hosting a party or attending one? What is the theme?
  • popular characters: do you have a personal favorite such as a cartoon character or movie character?
  • personalities: is there a famous personality you'd like to try on for Halloween - such as a president or historical figure?
  • fads: what's the latest costume fad? Are you a fad follower?
  • current movies: movie characters are often annual favorites like super heroes
  • horror: here's a category all its your goal to be scary and ghoulish?
  • funny: is humor your thing? clowns? big noses? funny shoes?
  • time periods: do you like the medieval period? Victorian? Stone Age?
  • time-honored standbys: pirate, princess, ghost, vampire
  • zombies: 'nuf said!

Easy to Make Costumes

It's Halloween, It's Your Costume

How to choose a costume? It's not how, it's what do you like and what do you want to be. Choose a costume that:

  • reflects your taste
  • fits your event or your family's plans
  • is something you like
  • is something you'll have fun with

It's possible for a Halloween costume to cost a few dollars or hundreds of dollars. However, costumes don't have to cost any money at all. You can put together a hobo costume from the clothes in your closet and a bit of make-up. You can make a pretty good ghost costume using an old white sheet. Your costume might also be a mask you make yourself using construction paper.

If you approach this autumn holiday with a child's sense of fun, then Halloween will be just that - fun!


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