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How to Choose the Best Hajj 2014 Packages from Bradford

Updated on August 6, 2014

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A Marhaba Tours Guide

Performing Hajj has been and will remain the most sought after religious activities of Muslims all around the world. An important pillar of Islam, Hajj is believed to purify one’s heart and soul from all sorts of evils. The devotees ultimately depart with sanctity, complacence, and kindness as their major companions on their way back to home. However, the entire journey from one’s home to Makkah, Madinah and back to home needs to be arranged with high precision, to ensure that the Hajj has been performed exactly as per the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This in turn brings into limelight the need to choose the right Hajj Package. Taking this opportunity for the utmost benefit of pilgrims, Marhaba tours brings forth you a concise guide on how to choose the best Hajj 2014 packages from Bradford.

Some Essential Tips

If you are about to leave to Saudi Arab for Hajj this year, for sure you should have made all the preparations in advance. Just in case, if you are still wondering on how to make your tour a success, the below mentioned tips may well help you out.

Mouth Publicity

As always, mouth publicity plays an important role in the selection of a befitting Hajj Package from Bradford as well. There may be people in your family, friend circle, or work place, etc., who have had a pleasant experience of availing the services of a Hajj travel agent in the past. You can ask them about the way their tour company managed the entire journey, and whether their charges suit your budget or not. Alternatively, if you possess some smart googling skills, then you can also go through reviews and testimonials online of several companies offering Hajj packages.

Market Credibility

Avoid being carried away by merely one’s recommendation until you ensure yourself about the travel company’s credibility and industry experience. The more a company has spent in the field, the better it is expected to make way for a hassle free Hajj tour. The best thing – it keeps on modifying its Hajj packages from Bradford to provide better services.

The Staff

Is your chosen company well equipped with sizable and experienced staff? Does it include team members from both the UK and Saudi Arab? If not, then better look for one. Arabic speaking members are helpful in providing religious guidance throughout your Hajj tour. In addition, ample medical assistance also needs to be on- board.


The Package

Once you assure of all the aforementioned whereabouts of the travel company, finally the time comes to check out the Hajj packages it offers. Depending on your budget, you may find varied packages from these travel agents. Marhaba Tours, for example, offers 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks Deluxe Hajj Packages to help you chose the one that suits your financial constraints. Moving ahead, make sure that the package from Bradford includes Government transport and private transport wherever necessary. The choice of Hotels and satisfying food arrangements are among the other important factors to consider, whether you are in Makkah, Madinah, or any other place of rest during your Hajj tour.


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