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How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Updated on August 15, 2010

Buying gifts is always a tough task.  If you want to avoid the giftcards and money and give a meaningful gift, here's a few tips.


It's hard to do sometimes, but listening to the person you are planning to get a gift for is crucial. Not just when you're buying the present, but all the time. If you ever hear something that can form into a gift, take a mental note and use it when you are actually buying him or her a gift. Knowing little things can add up. Let's say, for example, you hear a friend say he loves reading and philosophy. These are broad categories and finding the perfect gift would be difficult. However, later you find out that your friend also loves Winnie-the-Pooh. It would then be obvious, when you're scanning the philosophy section of the bookstore The Tao of Pooh would be the perfect choice.

Listening is crucial. Buying gifts around what you hear a person talk about shows that you not only acknowledge what they have to say, but also care about it.


Many people have collections. When you are buying gifts it's good to know if the person has one. Trying to actually see the collection so that you won't buy any duplicates. You should also try to find out if he or she is looking for a specific item to add to the collection. Knowing that they want a Superman umbrella to add to their superhero collection would making the gift buying a piece of cake.

Memory Gifts

Gifts that help a person remember the great times he has had with you is also a memorable gift. This could be a mix CD of some of your favorite songs, or songs that describe your relationship. Another idea is a large picture frame filled with pictures of you and the person. Better yet, a scrapbook of pictures, with written memories filling the pages. I recently made a gift where I took a book that both me and my friend loved and wrote my opinions throughout the pages so she could see how I felt as I read the book.

There are lots of ways to be original here. You have to just think about the times you've enjoyed most with the person and work off it. Someone once gave me a comic book they had written, with me as the superhero. I loved the originality and heart that went into it, and I'm sure I'll keep it forever.


No matter what your gift is, always include a heartfelt card. This can be store bought, although I prefer to hand make mine. It doesn't matter, as long as you write out a note yourself saying what you truly think of the person and how much they mean to you. Showing your admiration for them will allow him to feel the warmth of your friendship. You can express your love in the card, adding to the magnitude of the gift.

Always remember that the perfect gift isn't easy.  It takes a lot of thought and effort.  However, if you work hard enough, anyone can come up with an idea for a perfect gift.


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