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How to Make a Sharknado Halloween Costume

Updated on October 7, 2013
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Sharknado - Movie Magic

Rarely do we see a movie come along that captures America's hearts and inspires thousands of tweets in two hours, but the Syfy movie, "Sharknado" did just that. For those of you not lucky enough to catch this amazing movie, let me describe it for you: tornadoes, sharks, sharks flying through the air in the tornadoes... starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. Need I say more? I think not!

OK, well, I will say more. The creators of this movie realized its cheesy appeal and really went for it. Sharks were swimming in streets with water that was only about a foot deep. Sharks were flying through the air at people. Somehow the sharks were able to swim in pools with chlorine. The stock footage used for the movie appeared to be from past hurricanes... many on the east coast (the movie is supposed to take place in Hollywood, California). As if all of this was not marvelous enough, now a "Sharknado 2" is already planned.

Obviously you would not want to miss out on all this epic awesomeness, so you too can be a part of the Sharknado adventure. You can dress up in a Sharknado Halloween costume this year! Yes, you can dress like a cast member, a shark, a tornado with sharks, a person being eaten by a shark, a person being pursued by a flying shark, or even a person with a chainsaw fighting a shark. Your Sharknado Halloween costume can be as great as your imagination.

I am happy to give a few examples on how to make your Sharknado Halloween costume dreams become a reality!

Have a Shark Chase You

You may not realize this, but it is possible to have a giant shark chase you in the air down the street. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking... "please, tell me more!" Well, I am happy to do just that!

It is not that difficult to find a giant shark balloon considering sharks are quite popular right now. A shark balloon can easily chase you down streets, or better yet, into any Halloween party you might attend. You just tie the string to your pants, let the shark float above you, and you are all set.

Want something a bit more sophisticated than a balloon shark tied to your rear end? Did you know you can get a remote controlled shark balloon? Why yes, yes, you can! You can even order one from Amazon; as long as you have a way to fill it up with helium, you are on your way to Sharknado costume magic!

Top off your look by wearing some beach attire. Perhaps throw a little fake blood on you to look as if you've been battling flying sharks all day. You can even take a toy chainsaw with you wherever you go to fight those pesky sharks. Maybe you'd like to get a bar stool like George in the movie and attack fake flying sharks all night.

Become a Sharknado!

So you say you are not interested in being a Sharknado victim? You'd rather be a Sharknado! With a little imagination, you can make that happen for you. Take some cheesecloth and perhaps some gray fabric and start wrapping that around your entire body. Within no time, you will look like a tornado.

The most important addition to this outfit is... of course... sharks! You can add small stuffed animal sharks or little plastic sharks. You are going to have to sew the stuffed sharks on to the outfit. However, you might need to be creative with a glue gun to get the plastic sharks to stay on the costume. With a little imagination, your Sharknado outfit is going to be amazing!

Sharknado Dog


Dress Like a Shark

If all else fails, just simply dress like a shark or dress like someone being eaten by a shark. Sharks are really popular right now and it is totally easy to acquire a shark costume at a low price. Not only can you dress like a shark, there are Halloween costumes for toddlers, children, and the family dog.

When you are preparing for your Sharknado Halloween extravaganza, see if you can get others to participate in the festivities. Perhaps you and your entire family would like to dress in Sharknado attire. If you and your friends are planning on wearing Sharknado Halloween costumes, maybe everyone can coordinate characters. You and your crew can dress up like sharks, tornadoes, victims, and heroes. You will have the best Halloween costumes this year!

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