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How to Create an Electronic Christmas Letter with Smilebox

Updated on October 19, 2013

Step 1: Get the Free Software

Creating an electronic Christmas letter online with Smilebox is easy and fun and is a great way to share your family photos and holiday updates without needing any technical or artistic skill.

To get started with your electronic Christmas letter, you'll first need to download the Smilebox application. This is free, easy and will take just a minute to get access to all the Smilebox designs for Christmas, other occasions and every day use.

Just visit Smilebox and click the Get Started Now! button. (Note: this page has Christmas music, so if you're at work or somewhere where you don't want to bother anyone with the sound, be sure to turn off the volume.)

Choose Your Holiday Template

Click to see larger screenshot with templates
Click to see larger screenshot with templates

Step 2: Pick Your Christmas Letter Template

After you download Smilebox and open the application, you'll be on a page where you can choose the template you want to use for your digital Christmas letter. Smilebox has over 1000 designs divided into categories that make it easy to select the one you want. You can either browse by format (newsletters, slideshows, photo cards, invitations, calendars, recipes, etc.) or view by occasion (holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.). Select the format option to see all of the newsletter designs and pick your favorite.

Add Your Own Text, Photos and Music

Click to see larger screenshot with personalization options
Click to see larger screenshot with personalization options

Step 3: Personalize Your Digital Christmas Letter

After you select your template, you'll be able to personalize your electronic Christmas letter.

Smilebox makes it very easy to customize.The first thing you'll want to do is look in the right-hand column for the option to choose the number of photos that will appear in your letter. Select the number you want and then you can start adding photos. You can also choose your music and font at this time.

Then to add your images, click Get Photos or Get Video from the left-hand column. Once you've added the photos to Smilebox, they'll show up in the left column and you can simply drag and drop them into the template. Don't like something you just dragged in? Just drag another photo on top of it. Want to move a photo? Just drag it to the new location.

Once you've added your photos, you can work on customizing your text. (Well, you could actually do this in any order, but for the purposes of this how-to article, we'll assume you did the photos first.) To customize your letter, simply highlight the sample text and start typing.

When you're done, click the Preview tab and you'll be able to view the digital letter, complete with special effects and music (if you chose music).

Share Your Electronic Christmas Letter

Step 4 - Save, Share, Print or Burn to DVD

Now that your electronic holiday letter is complete, be sure to save it. Then you'll have the option of sending it via email or posting it online. Both of these options are free. However, free Smilebox creations have ads with them.

If you want a full-screen ad-free version of your digital Christmas letter or if you want to print your letter at home or save it as a video file or to DVD, select the two-week free trial membership to Club Smilebox and you'll have access to all the premium features for two weeks, meaning you could also create a variety of holiday invitations, ecards, slideshows, calendars and more.

So visit Smilebox now to get started with your own digital Christmas creations!

Do You Prefer Printed or Electronic Christmas Letters?

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