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How to Decorate for Valentine's Day

Updated on November 13, 2017
When decorating for St. Valentine's Day it's customary to use the "red heart".
When decorating for St. Valentine's Day it's customary to use the "red heart". | Source

What St. Valentine's Day is All About

The origin of St. Valentine's Day

Was there ever a REAL 'Saint Valentine'?

Yes. There really was a Saint Valentine, however, records show that there was more than one.

St. Valentine's Day (or simply Valentine's Day), is celebrated on Feburary 14 every year in parts all over the world, in rememberance of one or more saint's named Valentinus. Exactly how this came to be is unknown.

Centuries later, poets began using St. Valentine's Day as the day for romantic love. This eventually got the "Father of English Literature", Geoffrey Chaucer involved. It was during the High Middle Ages that Geoffrey Chaucer started associating romantic love with Valentine's Day, which is what it is still known for today.

By the 15th century, Valntine's Day flourished into a day where lover's express their love to one another.

For Whom are You Decorating For?

Decorating the Family Home

Having a Party

Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be between lovers, it can also be celebrated between friends & family.

When entertaining for Valentine's Day at your home, be careful not to offend your guests with decorations that some may consider vulgar. This simply means to stay away from anything that contains profanity and/or nudity of ANY kind. Even the common silhouette of Cupid may be considered borderline, but it is your home.

Serving tables draped with a white table cloth may be better with food items less likely to stain, whereas a red table cloth would make a better choice.

Red & white napkins, plates, cups and when it comes to flatware, your typical white spoons and knives would make a good choice - but with red forks to mix it up a bit.

Heart-shaped cutouts, bows and arrows, angel wings are just a few symbols people associate St. Valentine's Day with. Be creative and have younger family members help with the decorations.

Decorating the Office

Be Casual

When it comes to the office, being casual may be an understatement.

Many offices and companies don't even acknowledge the holiday St. Valentine's Day for the simple fact that it may provoke undesirable behavior between staff members.

Heart-shaped cutouts with red/white streamers hanging overhead may be all your office will allow (if your lucky), but a small bowl of candy at the edge of your desk never hurt anyone. As always, be sure to hand out enough "friendly" Valentine's Day cards to everyone so nobody feels left out.


Decorating the Classroom

Be Informative, Interesting & Inventive

Make Valentine's Day fun by promoting good qualities such as giving and sharing.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to always be about love. It can also teach girls & boys how to become ladies & gentleman. It can help improve ones manners towards people and in certain formal situations, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, &c.

Valentine's Day can teach us to admire and love the beauty in other things besides people. Things like mountain landscapes, freshly fallen snow, a sunset, &c. Learn to admire the miracles that happen all around us, not just on St. Valentine's Day - but everyday.


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