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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas and Make It Good and Inexpensive

Updated on December 24, 2015

In case you are too busy with you schedule, stop right there and just think about it: Christmas is coming soon! Ok, you still have enough time, so do not even start that Christmas decorating panic. What is more, these frugal quick ways to decorate for Christmas will make your task even easier. Having no money on expensive accessories and other details, one can use the tips mentioned below to create a really warm and comfortable atmosphere without spending the whole family budget. So, running out of time, being on a budget or having a desire to do everything quickly, you are in the right place. With some DIY projects, items from your backyard and thrift store discoveries you can create beautiful holiday spaces!

Install a Christmas tree

Well, this is probably the easiest and quickest way to fill your home with Christmas charm. The most common way to bring Christmas to your house is add a Christmas tree inside, irrespective of its kind and size. It can be small or big, silver or gold, look like a small rosemary plant or be made of paper. No matter if you like a traditional white tree with multi-colored lights or douglas fir, either way it is the first step to make your home ready for holiday celebration. Christmas decorations can be hand-made like the star ornaments made from popsicle sticks on a neutral Christmas tree.

Add Christmas wreath

Hanging on your front door, a Christmas wreath will welcome holiday guests into your house, though wreaths look gorgeous inside too. You can also DIY a spiffy green and red wreath by filling with extra ornaments and other Christmas stuff or you can easily hang a usual pine needle wreath decorated with a ribbon to create that much awaited holiday vibe. Wreaths are anyway an incredible and simple way to bring that breathtaking spirit to your house. As a rule, wreaths that hang in many places in the house add to the festive atmosphere. What is great about this is an opportunity to opt for great sales on wreaths at shops or even make them with natural materials from the yard. It should not be expensive to be beautiful!

Light some candles

Warmth and coziness of the winter days can be easily created with usual lighting. Light a candle or a few candles in the holiday decor and bring Christmas decorations to a better level. Candles look incredible like centerpieces on tables. In addition, they can fill the room with pleasant scents of cinnamon and baked goods. Place candles around your house and surround them with other holiday elements to view a perfect centerpiece without spending lots of money.

Blankets and holiday pillows raise the level

Adding cozy holiday pillows and throws with pops of green, gold, red, orange or other fun holiday shades is a fascinating way to add calmness to your home decor. Christmas patterns, plaids, DIY Christmas pillow and holiday colors are an excellent way to bring warm decor to your house. A secret of quick plaid throw: buy cheap plaid fabric from Walmart and use it like a holiday blanket. No one will tell the difference!

Wrap gifts beforehand

A Christmas gift is a unique way to thrill your holiday decor. There are dozens of patterns to wrap Christmas gifts. Add a lovely ribbon, ornaments, make chalkboard tags and you are sure to have some cute holiday decor under the tree. Wrapping secret: look for the dollar shop that sells great brown craft paper, mix it with natural elements and receive cheap and chic holiday wrapping.

Design holiday the medvignettes

Creating simple holiday vignettes all around the house you can set Christmas atmosphere with a few simple elements. For instant, ornaments, wreath, natural elements, a few candles and a small Christmas tree are the constituents of the best decoration! Be imaginative! Repurpose some holiday decor used earlier; make Christmas vignettes everywhere in the house: buffets, media stands, dressers, coffee tables, etc.

Prepare your dining room for a great day

Probably you are not planning to organize a huge Christmas party at home this holiday season, though by filling the accommodation with Christmas decor you can really make each meal you have with the family a festive feast. Simply setting a centerpiece of greenery and candles or any other holiday centerpiece to your liking, the dining room definitely screams Christmas. Do not forget that such beauty does not cost much. We created special candle centerpieces with a glass jar and beans.

Get a hot chocolate bar ready

Chocolate or any other type of bar is awesome for holiday. Designing a fast and easy drinking or hot chocolate bar is a unique way to make your house ready for celebration. This doesn’t usually cost a lot, and you can also use your old things, including coffee cups, hot chocolate, straws, marshmallows and other utensils.

Author - Alex K. Co-Founder of LAComfy Discount Furniture Los Angeles


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 2 years ago from America

      Love all of your photos. The top one is my favorite. I like the black wrapping paper. Great ideas.