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How to Get the Neighbors to Jump on the Halloween Boo Bandwagon

Updated on August 8, 2008
Photo: aylaleia,Flickr
Photo: aylaleia,Flickr

If you live in a neighborhood that's already embraced the Halloween Boo, count yourself lucky. It's so fun to kick off the fall holiday season with festive treats and messages on all your neighbor's doors. The anticipation for the kids is great. They love to watch the neighborhood fill up with Boos and can't wait to get Boo'd so they can make up Boo baskets of their own. So how do you get the neighbors to jump on the Boo Bandwagon? Just follow these tips!

Start the Boo Early

Although I don't recommend starting before October 1st, but just as soon thereafter you ought to get it going. If you and your neighbors have done the Boo before, you might want to get together and decide who'll start this year. If you're lucky you'll take turns kicking things off because it takes a bit of extra work for the starters.

Make it Easy

If you want the neighbors to hop on your Boo Bandwagon, you've got to make it easy. As a starter, you'll have to decide if you want to print out only one sign and poem, or print out enough for the participants to pass around. How many? That depends on the number of homes in your neighborhood and/or the number of days left before Halloween.

You can't expect people to rush out and put together a Boo basket the minute you Boo them. They may not make it out the next day either. You should probably allow for two days in between Boos. Therefore, if you're starting on October 10th, you can expect your Boo chain to hit about ten more families before Halloween. It's a good idea to include enough Boo or ghost signs and poems in the Boo basket. These are easily downloaded or cut and pasted from online resources.

Start More Than One Chain

The size of your neighborhood will determine how many starters you'll need. Just keep in mind how long it will take for people to get the Boo baskets put together. If your neighborhood is new to Booing, they won't be expecting it and will need extra time to shop for and put together the Boo basket. Starting multiple streams can ensure that the neighborhood gets covered. If a few people agree to do two baskets each, everyone will be Boo'd in no time!

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