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How to Have a Safe New Year's Eve

Updated on August 30, 2011
Safe New Year's Eve
Safe New Year's Eve | Source

Safety Is Always Important

Having fun celebrating New Year's Eve is very important to many people. But keeping safe is a serious priority. Here are some suggestions on how to keep it safe while having a great time.

Host Your Own New Year's Eve Party

It doesn't have to be expensive; you can do it on a budget by serving light snacks. As host, you won't have to travel and should be safe in your own home. However, you will have responsibilities to see that your guests don't try to drive home drunk. Recruit help from family and friends to remind guests not to drive if they've had too much. Identify designated drivers at the outset and collect the car keys from everyone as they arrive. It's for everyone's welfare and you can make a game for them to pass to get their keys back at the end of the evening. Reserve some taxis in advance.

Prepare a Plan B if Going Out for New Year's Eve

If you are going out for New Year's and you are driving, you'll need to have a Plan B prepared in advance in case you overindulge. Any one of these might do:

  • make an advance taxi reservation
  • have a hotel room reserved
  • take along a designated driver who doesn't drink.

Never try to drive home drunk. Too many lives are ruined by drunk drivers.

Help Family and Close Friends Have a Plan B

Look out for friends and family who are going out and doing the driving. Help them to commit to a Plan B in advance as well. Remember Franklin's advice: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Have a Plan B if Traveling as a Passenger

If you're going out but someone else is driving you, make the rules clear at the outset: you won't be going home with the driver if he or she is not in a condition to drive. In this scenario, too, you'll need to make a Plan B in advance.

Have a Great and Safe New Year's Eve

Relax and enjoy yourself! Sing Auld Lang Syne like you mean it. If you're like most people you deserve some real fun! And you'll be able to relax and have a great time because of the rules and contingency plans you put in place in advance.


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