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How to Host The Ultimate 70's Disco Party

Updated on February 4, 2012

We had a dilemma:

In trying to plan a surprise party for a co-worker we had to come up with just the right scheme to get him to attend. He wasn't much for attending parties and functions so we had to be creative. Playing on the fact that he was totally into 70's and disco music, an idea was born.

Why not make it a Disco Themed Party?

He was so excited about the prospect of this party that he offered many suggestions such as having people show up dressed as characters from that era. It was not Halloween but we figured that people would be interested enough to participate. Imagine our delight when he threw out his possible character as one of "The Village People" and picked his own cast of characters / co-workers that would assist him in his role. Oh, yeah. It was on!

He got into it so much that days before the party he announced that he would be wearing two different costumes to the party because he was part of his girlfriend's scenario as well. He would show up with her in costume and then switch over as "The Village People" began to arrive. He would not share with us what his costume would be and they showed up as "Jaws" characters. Too funny!

Guests were asked to bring a covered dish and being the comedian that he is he brought a dish with lettuce on the bottom and an unpeeled potato on top. Yeah, Potato Salad!


Props for the party:

Like any good thrift store navigation specialist I headed out to local thrift stores to find props for the party. Not only did I buy era specific items for props, I also included some to be given as door prizes for Disco Music Trivia. Do I really need to tell you who won most of the prizes? The birthday boy, of course!

One of my main staples for just about any party is a SCENE SETTER. These can be found at any party store and are usually sold by theme and you can keep adding components to them until you've spent about $100 to make it perfect. NOT! I pick on main item from that theme (the disco dancers in this case) and purchase one roll for under $20. They are generally 4 feet x 50 feet and can also be used for tablecloths and covers. The best thing about them is that they are no doubt visually pleasing, but save you a great deal of money as well. Think what you would spend buying cutouts to place strategically for your decorations.

Dollar Stores are great places to find disposable tablecloths and other prop items. Be creative with your themes and buy as many of your items at their low cost.

Balloons are reasonably cheap and you can make your own balloon drops by using inexpensive tulle. Helium? You don't need no stinkin' helium! Decorate wherever you can with them and make your party pop!

The costumes: If you are having a themed costume party, encourage your guest to be creative and select their items at a reduced cost from a thrift or consignment shop.

What can I get for FREE to save money?

Music / DJ: I have plenty of disco music and also had karaoke music and equipment. If you don't, perhaps friends will be willing to lend you some or their services as a DJ? HUGE SAVINGS!

Disco Lighting: I am very fortunate to have posted on Facebook that I was having the party and had a friend offer me the use of his DISCO lighting and props. COOL! All I had to do was throw it out there and it came to me!

Invitations: I made up VIP Party passes on business cardstock and handed them out in person. I also prepared a VIP Guest list so that my BOUNCER (Yes, every nightclub has a bouncer) could check people in as they arrived.

It's the extras that make it special!

The Party's Here:

Guests were greeted by a party sign that I designed and had made for under $20, It will also be useful for other parties which is an added bonus. These can be purchased at many places on the internet so make sure you shop around for the best price.

The VIP and Red Carpet Treatment:

A friend rented a red carpet for a week for $5 and another friend made the crowd control belts and railing out of buckets with PVC piping cemented in them that were spray painted black. The rope is ordinary plastic roping. The "Studio 51" was hand painted using ordinary shoe polish. The VIP Entrance along with your state's gun law is an added touch to your nightclub motif.

Is all this really necessary?

Well, yeah! Considering the fact that the Paparazzi was standing by to take photos of each guest as they entered the red carpet!

What to do when your guest list exceeds your maximum capacity:

Have two parties!

Being the party planner that I am it would be a shame to have anyone miss this wonderful event. With a 950 square foot house it was inevitable that not everyone would fit. I already had people mad at the prospect of not being invited.

Should I have two parties? After all, I HAD taken everything off of my walls AND all of my furniture into the attached garage to have this party. I could live like that for a week, right?

That's exactly what happened. The first party was for 45 of my co-workers and the following week I hosted another party for 45 of my closest friends. Okay, they aren't all close, but word of mouth travels and regardless of the status of our relationships, I entertained 90 people that week.

Even after having two parties I still had people mad because they were not invited. I apologize for that and promise that the next BIG party I have will be held in a place that will accommodate everyone!

Unforeseen circumstances: During the second party there was an alleged accident that caused damage to a transformer resulting in the loss of power. Though we entertained ourselves anyway in the dark, the party finally broke up at around 1 a.m. Funny, the neighbors across the street had power. I still think I saw one of them running back into his house with a shotgun and a smile!

Party Pics and Celebrity Sitings

What Next?

After two successful parties back to back it should be hard to top, right?

How about PROJECT RUNWAY? Your "models" should have to make their outrageous outfits using props and clothing purchased at a thrift store.

Too many parties, too little time!


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