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How to Host a Halloween Seance Party

Updated on October 27, 2012

A Halloween Seance Party

You want to have the ultimate Halloween party by creating a lasting memory that no one will forget, something people will look back on and tell their grand kids about? The best way to create that memory is by sharing a life shaking experience together. Holding a Halloween Seance Party will set the atmos-fear (Muhahaha pun intended) you desire to create for your guests. Holding a seance party may sound complicated but in reality it is pretty simple to do.

Find a venu for your event (a home is usually a desired location and the older the better). Create invitations advertising to your guests that your are holding a Halloween Seance Party. Treat the evening as a masquerade party providing cheap Victorian hand masks available at craft and party stores for your guests. Ask your guests to bring a dish as a pot luck dinner will be held. .


This article is meant to be read in the spirit of entertainment.

No one under 18 years old should attempt to perform the instructions written about in this article.

No one with a history of mental illness or a fragile constitution (being emotionally compromised) should try perform the activities written about in this article.

Under no circumstances does the author of this article nor does the website endorse, or promote the use of the contents of the article by its readers accept in spirit of entertainment.

Performing the instructions written about in this article is done so at your own risk.

Personal discretion is advised.

Hosting a Seance Instructions

Conducting a Seance:

  • Invite couples and individuals both men and women of different backgrounds; a good mix of spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs.
  • Make sure the number of sitters is divisible by three; so a group of six, nine, or twelve would be desirable. No less than three people should ever attempt a Seance.
  • Close outside windows and doors, turn off radios, stereos, computers, and televisions. Turn off your air-conditioner or heater for the duration of the seance. Unplug unnecessary electronics and create a very natural and electrically neutral setting.
  • Gather the people taking part in the Seance together. If you do not have a sensitive or medium in the group then it is time to decide who will act as the spiritual medium. Choosing this person you should consider their personal beliefs and values. It is best to ask for a volunteer from the group than to draw straws with this one.
  • Use a round table suitable for the size of group you have invited to participate. Using a round table creates the desired effect of a ritualistic circle and the joining of hands.
  • A room light only by subdued natural light (three candles) placed in the center of the table on a tray should be prepared.
  • Place a plate of fruit and a craft of water in the center of the table. It is believed that placing food and drinks along with cigarettes, cigars, and spirits like brandy or whiskey attract the ghosts that still seek physical nourishment and earthly desires.
  • Have all those present sit down at the table and have the selected medium lead them in joining hands and placing them on the table in front of them in a circle.
  • Lead the group in a protective light prayer or a prayer of protection

Summoning a Spirit:

  • All the participants must say these words together, "Spirits hear us, we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us and move among us."
  • Wait for a response, if you receive no response repeat the last step until you get a response.
  • To establish a line of communication ask the spirit to communicate through a series of rapping with once for yes and twice for no or through the medium.
  • Start with yes or no questions. Keep the dialogue simple.
  • Always stay in control of the seance, if people are to frightened or emotional the seance can spiral into chaos quickly. End the seance by breaking the circle of hands and quickly extinguishing the flames of the three candles. Have a sitter turn on the lights and thank the spirits respectfully for communicating with you and ask that they go in peace. .


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