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Tailgate Party Ideas: Washer Toss Review

Updated on July 11, 2011

Any Time is a Good Time to Tailgate!

Tailgating has become a popular summertime (or even wintertime for some) tradition in America over the last years, with families friends and coworkers setting up tailgate parties before sporting events like MLB baseball games, NFL football games and NCAA events. A tailgate party is the perfect way to gather before the game and have some good food, a beer or two and some laughs.

In order to host a really fun and entertaining tailgate party, you will need food, beer, soda, seating and of course, entertainment. Tailgate games are the best way to entertain your guests prior to the start of the sporting event.

Some of the best games for tailgating include Cornhole (Baggs, Baggo, Bean Bag Toss), Ladder Ball and Washer Toss.

Washer Toss (also known as Washers or Washers Game) is an outdoor game that is a lot fun, especially for those in the tailgating community. The game is simple to set up, learn and play and can be enjoyed by almost anyone, making it a fun choice for your next tailgating party.

Need a New Tailgate Game? Why Not Washer Toss?

Play Washers at Your Tailgate Party
Play Washers at Your Tailgate Party | Source

What You Need:

2 - 4 Players
2 Washers Boxes
8 Washers
1 Carrying Case
1 Set of Washers Rules

* If only two players are competing each game, you will only need 1 Washers Box

Each box should be somewhere between 14"-18" square. Sometimes the box is a hexagon. There is no official size, so long as both boxes share equal dimensions. In the middle of each box, there should be a 4" cup, typically made of PVC pipe.

The two sets of four washers should each be a different color with each washer having an outer diameter of 2.5", and an interior diameter of 1".


There are not many pieces to the Washers game and the typical box is fairly small, so there should be plenty of room in your car or truck to the pack the game for your tailgate party. Once you arrive, the set up really couldn't be easier.

To set up Washer Toss, place the two boxes 21 feet apart from each other on a flat surface. A concrete surface like the stadium parking lot is the ideal location, otherwise if you are able to find a flat grass area, that should work as well.

If younger children are playing, or guests new to the game, you can move the boxes closer together, assuming it is just for fun and not an official Washers tournament.

Washer Toss Rules:

If only two people are playing Washers at a time, they will simply stand 21 feet from the front of the box. Each player will start with four washers a piece.

If four people are playing (two teams of 2), one person from each team stands behind each box and one set of team members will start with the washers in the first round.

To decide which team gets the first toss, each player tosses one washer toward the opposite box. Whichever team winds up with a washer closest to the cup, or inside the cup, earns the first toss. Also known as the "Diddle."

Washer Toss is played in rounds, where one player/team will start the round by tossing all four of their washers at the opposite box. After that player/team has finished, their opponent will toss all four of their washers.

At the end of the round, the score for the round is recorded and added to the total score of the Washer Toss game.

Whichever player/team scores points in the previous round starts the tossing in the consecutive round.

The first player/team to accumulate 21 points will win that Washers game.

Scoring in Washer Toss:

Scoring in Washers, like most tailgate and outdoor games, is fairly simple and straight forward. In order to score a point or points, the player/team must toss their washer inside the box or the cup.

For the washer to count, it must be completely inside the box or cup at the end of the round, therefore washers on the edge of the box do not count and those that land on the rim of the cup also do not count.

However, If a washer located on the edge or rim is knocked in by the other team or falls in during the round, that washer will then count toward the scoring.

Any washer that bounces on the ground before it lands in the box or cup, must be immediately removed, and will not count toward the scoring.


Points are earned by landing a washer inside the box or the cup. The box is worth 1 point. The cup is worth three points.

At the end of the round, the points are tallied. The player/team with the higher score in the round adds the difference of the two scores to their total score for the game.

For example: If one player/team tosses one washer in the box and one washer in the cup, that is worth 4 points. If the other player/team then tosses only one washer in the box, that is worth 1 point. Therefore, the team that scored 4 points the round would add 3 points to their cumulative score.

Try Washer Toss Today!

Washers can be a lot fun and is a really good choice for tailgating because the games aren't typically very long so everyone can get a turn.

Also, games can be casually enjoyed while continuing conversation with friends and family as Washers likely doesn't require your full attention.

Guests at your tailgate party who have never played Washers before can learn in only a minute or two, and with such a simple set up and concept, almost anyone can succeed at the game as soon as they start.

Once everyone is done playing Washer Toss, or the sporting event is about to begin, the game can be packed up in less than a minute, so you can keep playing until the very last second.

You should really think about purchasing a Washer Toss set either online or at your local sporting good stores before your next tailgate party.

Check out some of the Amazon links above for a set that is sure to suit your tailgating needs.

Happy Tailgating!


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