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How to Host a Valentines Party at Home or School

Updated on January 21, 2008
Photo:  star5112, Flickr
Photo: star5112, Flickr

Tips for Organizing Kids’ Class Parties

  • Keep it super simple
  • Delegate to the extreme
  • Ask for help
  • Accept all help
  • Remind people of what they offered to do/bring
  • Relax, it's not an inauguration ball!
  • Get the details in How To Organize a Class Party

Tips for Organizing Kids’ Parties at Home

  • Under-invite, kids have more fun with less people
  • Play, Make, Eat - that's all you need
  • Make a schedule, but be flexible
  • Never underestimate free play time
  • Let parents know if it's drop-off or stay-and-play
  • Clearly state a party end time


Valentine's Day is one of the last remaining holidays we're allowed to celebrate in public elementary schools. If your school doesn't make room for Valentine's, why not host your own? The theme works just as well for birthdays, block parties, or extended family get-togethers. Make this year's Valentine's party fun by keeping it simple and taking a few of these tried and true ideas.

Games and Crafts

Little kids love games like bingo, pin-the-tail, and concentration. Enlist your creative friends to create games in Valentine's Day themes or search the web for free printables. Games.

  • Make Cupid Bingo cards on red and pink cardstock. Then let kids use conversation hearts to mark their spaces.
  • Pin the arrow on the Cupid can be made with a poster from an office supply or teacher supply store.
  • Let kids help out by making (or cutting from magazines) pairs of Valentine's concentration cards in hearts, words like be mine and sweetie, or pictures of anything else that they love.
  • Guess the number of candies in the jar is always a favorite, and the prize can be the jar of candies.
  • Let kids make a magazine cutout collage. Ask for donations the month before - lots of magazines will have Valentine's images in the February issue, which is sold in January.
  • Fill in and read a Valentine's Day MadLib. This is hilarious and educational - the teacher will love it!
  • Print off free games, coloring pages, and other printables.
  • Tell jokes. Let kids take turns being a stand-up comic with clean Valentine's humor.


The candy manufacturers make it easy to snack with seasonal festivity, but here are some ideas if you want to go the healthier route:

  • Strawberries dipped in yogurt
  • Sliced cheese cut into hearts with cookie cutters
  • Sandwiches cut into hearts with cookie cutters
  • Finger jello


It's easy to make a CD for any occasion. Find some kid-friendly tunes to play during the party. Copies of the CD make a memorable party favor. Balloons are always a hit.

Make sure to leave plenty of time for exchanging and reading valentines. And giggling, lots of giggling!

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  • profile image

    Gold Party 6 years ago

    Valentines Day is a great time to have a party - your theme is already chosen for you! I love all of the healthier snack ideas. Thank you for posting!