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How to Live Happily

Updated on January 17, 2010

Happy Moments

Inspiring Happiness
Inspiring Happiness

Thos who are searching for it and those who have achieved it. Lets share the experience, knowledge and curiosities

This image of Buddha inspires me to forget everything, just do your duties, and feel happy.

WHO doesn't want to live happily. Almost every humane being is aspiring hard to achieve that blissful state in his life but not a very small percent of them could ever achieve it.

If you deeply think what is the purpose of life, you will certainly vouch for the futility of all the strains and tensions we humane have been carrying along. Not only in our own lives but in that of others, too.

Some times I feel envy of animals for the their blissful estate and easiness of life they could leave it with. Do you really think we are more happier then those of animals, who have not been able to amass the wealth of ideas, inventions, religions, beliefs, cultures, traditions and above all possessions.

But, does relinquishing these all the garbs and retiring to the natural abodes will bring us happiness. Of course not. Then what is the Happiness factor?

Medical science has measured the happiness level of mentally retarded persons much higher than sane tribe. We ourselves can see many of them laughing wholeheartedly without any worry or concerns of so call etiquette.

That doesn't go to say that we should start living and behaving like those happy insane. But, again, we want to live happily. How can we achieve that state and at the same time stay sane?

Children, for example, are found to be in happy mood and spirit. They find their source of happiness easily and anywhere. Is that because their knowledge of circumstances and surroundings is limited and not developed like that of ours? If yes, then does a developed knowledge mean losing happiness.

From above examples (animals, insane, children) we understand that it is not shortcoming, lack of possessions, lack of opportunities, lack of god clothes, food, house etc. that is directly related to the happiness factor.

Someone has said that it is felt from within and not an outer thing. I agree. Then why is not everyone able to bring it out and live happily? How can we do that? How can we make this exercise simple for everyone to use and live happily?

There are ways. Certainly there are ways to achieve the Happy state and keep it maintained. I seek everyone who has ever experienced some happy moments in life to share with all here. This will help us identify the secret behind achieving happiness in life.


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