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How to Make Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

Updated on December 4, 2014

Your own Beautiful Wreath

Christmas wreathes are meant to be beautiful, exciting and full bursting color. Therefore it is very important to purchase all of your supplies through vendors that offer quality materials for reasonable prices. There are so many options to choose from when selecting colors, ribbons, picks (colorful clusters of decorations attached to a wire covered stem) and other decorative trimmings. So make sure you know what your color schemes are and the seasons that you are wanting to display on your wreath. One of my aunts usually develops a color scheme for her projects based on the colors of her furniture drapes etc. when designing something new. So have a little fun exploring colors and ideas because you may discover that certain colors really do work well together. So I will provide you with a list of supplies to get you started and on your way to creating a beautiful wreath.


  1. 1 22'inch Pine Wreath(synthetic or real)
  2. 1 glue gun( small or medium)
  3. 1 package glue sticks
  4. 1 spool of ribbon in your choice of color
  5. 1 spool of wreath wire ( I prefer to used green colored ones)
  6. 3-4 large picks(clusters of pine cones, berries, frosted or glittered fruit)
  7. 3-5 smaller picks(berries, miniature gift boxes, pine cones)
  8. 1 pair of large strong scissors
  9. 1 pair of wire cutters

Once you have all of your supplies, find a work station or place where you can focus and peacefully start your project. I have found that having a peaceful environment helps me to focus on my project while allowing me to have a little fun as well. Once you are ready to start, begin placing your large picks in your wreath to get a feel of where they should be glued. The large picks can be used as focal points on your wreath After you know where you want your large picks to be placed you can cut off some of the stems with your wire cutter to make it easier to glue your picks into your wreath. Then applied glue to the base of your picks, then firmly press the glue sized firmly onto the wreath.

After you have glued on your larger picks, you can begin to place your smaller picks onto the wreath to see where they can be used to enhance your wreath. Your smaller picks can be used as accents or fillers in between the larger picks. Some of the smaller picks that can be used are pine cones, grapes, berries, miniature drums, miniature gift boxes and nutcrackers etc. Once you have decided where you want your small picks to be, you can cut some of the stems with your wire cutter to make it easier to glue them on your wreath. Now apply the glue to the base of your picks, then firmly press the glue sized firmly onto the wreath. While the glue is drying on your wreath, place your ready-made bow on the top portion of your wreath to see how you want to position it correctly. Once you have decided on the correct position then attach it with the wire that came with it or use the wreath wire to attach the ribbon in the desired position. Then take a little bit of glue to secure it firmly in place for an extra guarantee of it staying put. Now that your wreath is completely finished put it aside to let the glue finish setting everything in place for an hour or so. Then once all of the glue is finished drying, you can hang it up with your wreath hanger and voila your beautiful Christmas wreath is now on display. I hope that this project was fun for you while inspiring you to make many more wreaths to come.

Christmas Wreath



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