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Lady Bug Cupcakes

Updated on February 12, 2011
Sweet Lady Bug Cupcakes
Sweet Lady Bug Cupcakes | Source

Springtime Lady Bug Cupcakes

These cupcakes are fun to make and they have a Springtime feeling about them!

Items you'll need to make these cupcakes:

  • Cake mix to make 24 cupcakes
  • Cupcake liners
  • Cupcake Baking Pan
  • One Can of Vanilla Icing
  • Green food coloring
  • Small jar of toffee crunch sprinkles (Wilton brand is recommended)
  • One Bag of edible Easter Grass  (sold at most Dollar Store's)
  • Candy Lady Bug Cupcake Toppers (Available at

All of the above items can be purchased at your local supermarket or dollar store.  Please note I purchased the Candy Lady Bug Cupcake Toppers from

Instructions for making Springtime Lady Bug Cupcakes:

Follow instructions of cake mix to make cupcake batter; Remove cupcake pan from oven with baked cupcakes.  Allow cupcakes at least twenty minutes to one half hour to cool;  Remove cupcakes from baking pan and place on flat surface. 

Spoon vanilla icing into medium-size bowl.  Drip two to four drops of green food coloring into bowl.  Mix well with spoon to be sure green coloring has blended evenly.

Using spatula, smooth icing over the top of each cupcake individually and thoroughly.  Set aside.

Sprinkle each cupcake generously with crushed Toffee Crunch.

Break up edible Easter Grass and sprinkle on top of toffee crunch on each cupcake.

Place one sugar Lady Bug on the corner of each cupcake, press down gently on Lady Bug to set.  Place cupcakes in refrigerator for at least one to two hours to set.

Enjoy!  These cupcakes are lovely to serve for an afternoon dessert in the Spring or Summer months during the year.

Fun to make, delicious to eat!
Fun to make, delicious to eat!


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    • ElenaShares profile image

      Elena Maria 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      thank you, Rob!

    • rpalulis profile image

      rpalulis 6 years ago from NY

      I love cupcakes and could really go for some spring time feeling right now. Great recipe for lady bug cup cakes, they look so good.