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How to Make Santa Claus Hat Chair Covers

Updated on September 6, 2014
Dressed up Christmas table
Dressed up Christmas table | Source

Santa Hat Chair Cover

Beginning of my Story

©joaniebaby 06/20/2012

Several years ago I saw a picture of Santa Hat Chair Covers in a catalog. The thought came to me that they would be quite easy and inexpensive to make and so my story begins.

Looking at the picture, I decided that red fleece, flannel, or felt would be ideal for the basic hat, a white furry type material would be needed for the band, and white yarn to make the tassel top. Nothing too difficult or expensive. The furry material for the band would be the most expensive, but not much was needed for that. The white yarn I already had on hand. Of course, your chairs need to be without arms.

Inside of hat
Inside of hat
Finished Santa Hat
Finished Santa Hat

Next Steps

Once you decide to make the chair covers, you need to measure your chair back width. MIne were 21" and that meant I would need 24" wide red material pieces. Whatever your chair measurement is, you need to add an inch for seams and two inches for ease of fitting. The length of your piece depends upon your chair again. The length I used for my chair was 24" but now that I have made and used them, I wish that I had used 30" so that the top part of the hat would hang farther down the back of the chair. That option is up to you. For the materials list below, I am assuming you want the longer length.

Materials Needed For One Chair:

  1. 2 - 24"x30" pieces of red fleece or flannel, or any material desired
  2. 1 - 4" or 5"x46" piece of white furry material
  3. white yarn to make the pompom, or one purchased white 2" or 3" pompom

Fold the red material in half lengthwise and mark the mid point. Measure up 15" on both sides of the piece and mark. From the 15" mark, cut diagonally on both sides to the mid point mark. Then place the two cut pieces right side together and sew from bottom, up the side, to the mid point and back down the other side, leaving the bottom open. Trim seams and turn, making a sharp point at the top.

Sew the ends of the white band together. Place the right side of the white band to the wrong side of the bottom of the hat and sew, opening the seams on the red material flat. Turn the white band to the right side of the hat, fold edge under and slipstitch in place.

Make your pompom of white yarn and attach to point of hat, or attach purchased pompom. If you make your pompom, leave two strands of yarn to attach it to the hat. Thread one strand of yarn through needle and through top of hat. Then thread other strand of yarn through needle and through top of ht. Tie two ends of yarn into a knot several times to secure pompom.

Place your Santa Hat cover on the chair folding the top over the back of the chair and enjoy.


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    • joaniebaby profile image

      joaniebaby 5 years ago

      Thanks moonlake. They are cute and easy and kids do love them. Grownups do, too.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      Very cute and very easy. Kids would love this. Voted Up