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How to Make Your Christmas Special!

Updated on December 26, 2014

Christmas a festival celebrated across Cultures,across Religions and across the Boundaries which spreads the message of love,peace,prosperity and unity among individuals with different religious background.It is not confined to only Christians rather it is celebrated across the world cross-culturally.It doesn't distinguish people's with their religious background but it accepts them with open arms.Christmas can be abbreviated as,

C-stands for Christ,if we leave him out of Christmas it is like celebrating wedding without groom.

H-stands for Hope,he gives us-a hope of life without end.

R-stands for Revolution,he began turning hate into love,war into peace and everyone into everyone's neighbor

I-stands for Israel,the land where he was born.

It doesn't matter how you celebrate it be it secular or religious

S-stands for Salvation,he brought those who lived in darkness saw a great light.

T-stands for Thanks,thanks to the Father for the gift of his son.The best way to say thank is to make room for him in our hearts.

M-stands for Mary,who brought him to birth.

A-stands for Angels,who at his birth sang-"Glory to God in the highest and peace people on earth".

S-stands for Star,that led to wise men of Bethlehem.

It doesn't matter how you celebrate it be it secular or religious as your day is filled with happiness,and merry making.People around the world celebrate in their own way.

Here are some helpful tips to make your Christmas special and cheerful.Happy Holidays!

1.Build the Craze-It is perhaps the first and probably the most important step towards celebrating Christmas.Without this Christmas seems to be vague.Build up the atmosphere,set a scenario worth cherishing.Being cheerful and friendly during Christmas helps spread a sense of happiness and instills the spirit to celebrate Christmas in people around you,plus it helps you to enjoy even more.

Wish Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it or you can wish a Happy Holiday! to those who don't.Either way you are spreading Cheer.

2.Decorate Your Home For Christmas-With Christmas around,people tends to flock to store ranging from local to online to buy Christmas goods to decorate their house.This is one of the best way to celebrate Christmas with endless possibilities to decorate ranging from Christmas lights to Hang mistletoe and many more option.This actually build up the Christmas atmosphere.


3.Buy and Decorate Christmas Tree-Without this Christmas would be baseless as it is the prime attraction in the Houses during Christmas.Go to any local Christmas farms to get yourself a Christmas tree or you can buy Christmas tree online.You can get both Natural and Artificial Christmas tree in online stores with very a affordable price and also can buy Christmas tree decorating products at cheap prices.There are wide variety of possibilities of decorating products available online.

To be honest buying Christmas goods online is the best option,not only does it saves time but also save money because the online sites will hold discounts,offers and Christmas deals during Christmas.So,buy more spend less.

There are innumerable possibilities of decorating Christmas tree.You can decorate your tree with family ornaments,decorating with stars,trains,Christmas bells and many more.It’s really up to you--be as creative or traditional as you like.


4.Celebrate with Friends and Family-For many Christmas is about gathering and celebrating happiness with family and friends i.e to be with their friends and family,to enjoy each others company.The day is a National holiday so make sure to take full advantages of it and try to reconnect with your friends and family.Make the day special for your friends and family by spending time with them.You get this chance once in a year so make full use of it.

5.Invite Your Friends and Family over Christmas Dinner-Prepare utterly butterly delicious food and invite your friends and family to dine and enjoy the day with you.If you want to keep your expenses manageable then make it a potluck.The important thing is to be with your loved ones and share the warmth of caring with them.Make a traditional Christmas dinner with a roasted turkey or make whatever you like!.

6.Go Christmas Caroling-Sing some Christmas rhymes or songs make it a bit traditional with some creative input.Sing with your family and friends it will be fun and cheerful.If you don't like singing or you think that your voice is not good then play Christmas songs throughout the house but remember voice doesn't matter rather being with our loved one's matters the most.

7.Enjoy Movies with your Family and Friends-You can watch movies with your friends and family,from comedy to horror even you can watch soaps and sports together.Just enjoy!

8.Do a Noble Act-Help someone in need because everyone has the right to celebrate Christmas but many couldn't. Not many people are blessed with that.You can volunteer at a homeless shelter or you can buy someone goods or provide them with some foods to feed their hunger during Christmas.Light candles in the house of those who stay in dark.There are also kids who do not have the privilege to have gifts during this festive season,you can donate your sons or daughters old toys,old clothes,old books etc to them.If you could spread smiles in the face of such peoples then that will be the best Christmas you will ever have.This will spread the spirit of joy and happiness in their lives and will make your feel deeply satisfied in your heart.

10.Consider Giving Gifts to Your Loved One's-This is the best way to express love to your friends and family during Christmas.Gifts doesn't meant to be expensive gifts rather gifts given with love is gift for life.With Christmas round the corner people flock around stores to buy gift for their loved one's,ranging from low to high end gifts.For some it is a token of appreciation for each other.

Plan your budget and buy gifts for your close one's.The best way is to buy gifts online,it will save time as well as save money because most sites will hold Christmas deals with large discounts and offers where you can buy more and save more.Think Smart!

Gather around your Christmas tree with your friend and family on Christmas morning and exchange gifts.

Remember Love,Care and Share this Christmas @beinghuman.Happy Holidays!


How you gonna celebrate your Christmas Holiday?

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    • kumarlaltu profile image

      Biswajit Patnaik 3 years ago from Bhubaneswar

      Merry Christmassss!

    • kumarlaltu profile image

      Biswajit Patnaik 3 years ago from Bhubaneswar

      Thanks for liking it,wishing you Happy Holidays! ahead.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the true meaning of Christmas, you said it well - celebrating Christmas without Christ is like the wedding without the groom. Great ideas for making Christmas merry and bright. Thanks for sharing.

    • kumarlaltu profile image

      Biswajit Patnaik 3 years ago from Bhubaneswar

      I am gonna celebrate it with family and friends.