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How to Make Your Own Greeting Card

Updated on March 15, 2013
As long as love can bridge the miles...
As long as love can bridge the miles... | Source

The Motivation

How in the world did greeting cards get to be so expensive?

This time of year, especially, when Fall stealthily creeps into the Walla Walla Valley, tantalizing the local residents with beautiful sunny days and then, as the light fades and night makes its stage debut, biting us with the chilly premonition that it will get colder...much, much colder...I am reminded of the upcoming holiday season and the warmth that accompanies thoughts of loved ones. And with all that I have to do in my busy daily regimen, I still feel the annual pull to start thinking about season's greetings.

Because my work on eBay involves selling vintage ephemera--paper items that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles--I am almost daily reminded that I have to make a decision as to whether or not I'll be sending out Christmas cards this year.

One would think that the answer is simple enough--No!

But, much to my chagrin, I can be double-minded at times like these. Just ask my wife.

We're trying--like most of the nation--to be frugal, to pay down our credit cards, to avoid debt whenever possible. So, yes, you'd think the answer would be easy.

But a displaced Hawaiian in the mainland who is also tech-illiterate starts feeling angst and guilt about not keeping in touch with the loved ones back home. He especially feels guilty for even considering not purchasing greeting cards for his wife and adult children. Yes, by mutual family agreement, with all parties involved discussing the finances in a mature and responsible way, the decision was made amongst our nuclear family as well as families of origin and our extended families that due to the cost of greeting cards, we would forbear the exchange of these increasingly overpriced commercial documents.

Somehow, referring to greeting cards as commercial documents puts enough perspective on the issue to help me feel better.

Nah, not really. I still feel bad.

Okay, then, what's a waffling Hawaiian to do?

The resolution, it seems, would be to tap into my creative reserves and make my own greeting card.

Then, again, I'm awfully busy (as well as see it happening before your very eyes as I compose this article, right?). So maybe I'll just compromise a bit and succumb to the overwhelming desire to go pick out a card at the local Dollar Tree, the same place where I bought puzzles, hot wheels, and DVD's and tried selling them for ten times the amount on eBay and Yardsellr. (Shh! Don't tell anyone! It was part of my personal learning curve! Really!) I got called out by a couple of disgruntled (I referred to them as jealous) Yardsellrs, and I responded with a generous amount of sarcasm which I'm convinced went over their heads.

Even so (a segue back into whatever I was writing before yours truly so rudely interrupted my train of thought--what's that about me being double-minded?), and anyway, what I end up discovering at the greeting card rack at the retail thrift store (whose stock is climbing, by the way, a reflection, once again, of our economy) is that the cards seem oh-so-generic and lacking in any substantial or significant meaning.

So, putting on my thinking cap--and then quickly taking it off because it messes with my cowlick that I have, a la Trump, trained just so meticulously to hide a glaring bald spot--I begin contemplating the crafting of my own greeting card.

The Work in Progress

The making of a greeting card begins with love--love for a sweetheart, for a family member, for a friend. No matter whom it's addressed to, a greeting card conveys the message that the sender cares for the recipient (and is highly intolerant of a guilty conscience).

Anyway--all kidding aside (don't believe me!)--come inside my head for a spell as I share with you how I cleverly made my own greeting card (clearly compensating for a guilty conscience for being such a tightwad).

I was away from home at the time, working in another part of the state. One morning, I was doodling on a sketch pad, thinking of something I could say in a letter to my sweetheart, when a romantic line came to mind--As long as love can bridge the miles...

It had a nice ring to it--a simple sing-song kind of rhythm. I decided to jot it down.

Pursuing the moment of inspiration further, I came up with a second line--That separates us, Dear...

Putting the two lines together, I had what appeared to be the beginning of a nice four-line verse. The accents in both lines were similar, falling on the second syllable in each pair of syllables to promote a dah DAH dah DAH dah DAH effect.

Since line 1 was eight syllables long, and line 2 was six syllables long, I wanted lines 3 and 4 to correspond likewise. In addition, line 3 needed to rhyme with line 1 and line 4, with 2.

I closed my eyes and began verbalizing rhyming words.Starting with the letter B, I went through the alphabet trying to find a word that would rhyme with miles as well as fit appropriately in the third line. Biles...dials...files...Giles...Heils...piles...smiles...SMILES! Yeah, that's it!"

Fiddling around a little more, I came up with a third line--I'll send you kisses, hugs, and smiles...

Now all I needed was the final line, and it had to rhyme with Dear. So I followed the same process I had used to find smiles.

In hardly any time, I came up with the word, cheer.

Presto! I now had my concluding line--To give you daily cheer.

Putting everything together, then, I had the following verse:

As long as love can bridge the miles

That separate us, Dear,

I'll send you kisses, hugs, and smiles,

To give you daily cheer.

Have you ever made your own greeting cards?

See results

The Finishing Touches

All that remained was the physical construction of the card.

First, I typed the verse out on a 3" x 5" index card.

Then, I pasted border designs on the card--floral patterns I had painstakingly cut out from a magazine.

I hunted around until I found a colored piece of paper about the same thickness as the index card. I cut it to 3" x 5" size and hinged it to the verse card with a strip of tape.

The final step was simple. Searching through my magazines, I soon found a very pretty design to put on the cover card.

So you see, it's quite simple to make your own greeting card. It's also quite economical. Last but not least, there's a wonderful satisfaction in knowing that it will brighten a loved one's day in a very special and personal way.


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  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    @rajan jolly

    Thanks, Rajan! Your words of support mean a great deal to me. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones! We're in the height of our holiday season here in the USA, and I'm thankful that our ebay sales are reflecting that. Best wishes for your continued success, my friend.

  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 

    5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

    I'm sure that card came out as beautiful as the verse! Excellent and entertaining write.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Ha-ha! Too funny! I love how you write because I can easily picture the scenario! Yep, that''s our women, alright! Even after thirty years of marriage, I'm making mistakes left and right...just when I think I've arrived, I learn that Hawaiian Airlines already took off...without me!

    Bruddah Ka'imi'loa, I don't know what I--and HP--would do without you. You are a blessing to the nth degree! Keep spinning those beautiful tales from your epic life and teaching us all about the island way of life!

    Travelin' with you is still on my bucket list, brah! Look out, world, here we kanakas come!

  • benisan85745 profile image


    6 years ago from Tucson, AZ.

    Oh wow, such a romantical that Uncle is...

    You must have sounded like Captain James T. Kirk in your mind, sounding off every other word li'dat. I'm sure she found it to be a much more beautiful card considering it was done in a personal manner. I tell you this much, the last time I decided to get "creative" and try and leave a sexy, or pretty tpe of message for her. I wrote on her vanity mirror in lipstick with a Fire & Ice single rose taped to the corner. Now as good as it seems, it was overshadowed by the yelling at the throwing of her small stuff at me because I used her brand new EXPENSIVE lipstick that would have cost me dolla-t'ree eighty at the store. Can't win for losing with this wahine akamai....

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state


    Thank you, my friend!

    Since you share so generously about Roscoe and your other pets, allow me to share with you that the photo above was taken by my son, the same young man who sings in the video for the "She's Only Happy in the Sun" Hub.

    I am blessed to have talented adult children. Praise be to God and to my wonderful wife.


  • wetnosedogs profile image


    6 years ago from Alabama

    What great news! Indeed, cards are expensive and generic. Such wonderful information here. Thanks for the tips.

    I'm sharing this.


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