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How to Make Your Own Lone Ranger Costume

Updated on February 20, 2017

The Lone Ranger Halloween Costume Ideas

The Lone Ranger is an easy costume to make yourself at home. DIY costumes can save you big bucks and are fun to make, so why not create your own disguise this Halloween. So...let's talk about this masked lawman. Who is he? Where did he come from? What drives him to fight outlaws in the West?

The story of the Lone Ranger begins with a posse made of Texas Rangers riding on a manhunt. This group of Rangers included two brothers, John and Dan Reid. The group was attacked by the Cavendish gang, the outlaws they had been chasing. All the Rangers were killed, but for one. This seriously wounded lawman was found by Tonto, an Indian brave, who nursed him back to life. Tonto gave him the name "Kemo Sabe" which means "Trusted Scout".

When he recovered, the only living lawman from this posse vowed to challenge lawlessness and criminals in Texas. He kept his face hidden by wearing a small mask made from the materials of his brother's an honor to his deceased brother. The music played during many scenes of the Lone Ranger is the William Tell Overture.

"Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

The Lone Ranger Brought Fear To The Lawless & Hope To Those Who Wanted To Make The West Their Home

Two Lone Ranger Costume Looks To Choose From

The part of the Lone Ranger was played by Clayton Moore for years and this is the look most remembered and copied when you are making this costume. Jay Silverheels portrayed the Ranger's faithful friend, Tonto.

In 2013, these roles were given a fresh face when Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp starred in a new movie as the Ranger, and Tonto. That means you have a choice of costume clothes to pick from. Do you want the original, classic Lone Ranger outfit, or will you wear the 2013, Armie Hammer, version of the lone Texas Rangers garb?


Clothing & Accessories You Need To Make A Lone Ranger Costume

So...what do you need to make a Lone Ranger costume for Halloween? It's a pretty simple and easy look to throw together from clothing you have in drawers, your closet, or even your attic. There might be a bit of shopping involved but you can look in thrift stores or consignment shops to save money. And of course, there's always Ebay, Amazon, or an online costume store to find those more difficult items...if there are any.

First, scour your home for the items you need. The best thing about DIY costume ideas is you can decide what your look will be and how much you want to spend to achieve the final effect. I am all for saving money, that's why homemade costumes and diy projects appeal to me. Also, one more place you can use to find accessories is the neighbor's house...or Moms! Ask your friends and family if they have what you need before you go and shop for it.


The clothing and accessories you need to make a Lone Ranger costume are:

  • A Blue Denim Suit or Powder Blue Shirt & Pants
  • Texas Ranger Star
  • Red Neckerchief
  • Off White Stetson Cowboy Hat
  • Boots
  • Guns/Holster
  • Domino Mask
  • Silver Bullets


Which Lone Ranger Costume Will You Make?

Which Lone Ranger Costume Will You Make And Wear This Halloween?

See results
Lone Ranger
Texas Ranger Star
Red Neckerchief
Denim/Lt Blue Pants
Denim/Lt Blue Shirt
Silver Bullets

Tonto Makes A Great Costume Too

If you are dressing up as the Lone Ranger this year, why not drag a friend along as Tonto. You almost never saw the Ranger without his trusted Indian companion. You can even add a few more Texas Ranger costumes, add some more friends, and have a great group costume idea.

Couple and group costume ideas are becoming more and more popular each year, so this year, why not get in on some of the fun?

Lone Ranger 1981 Spanish Version

People all over Texas wondered who this mysterious masked man was. He would come, save the day, and disappear, riding away on his beautiful white stallion. His only companion, an Indian brave, Tonto.

The Lone Ranger 2003 Version

The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold


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    • profile image

      Justin Harrison 

      2 years ago

      I am looking for a the original lone ranger costume but I really want to know what material was used to make his costume for the 1950's t.v. seriesor who t contact. thank you . Justin Harrison


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