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How to Make a Heart Shape Cake Without A Heart Shaped Pan

Updated on February 5, 2014

Quick and Easy Method to Make Your Valentine's Day Cake!

Nothing says celebration like a special cake. Birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and of course, Valentine's Day are all great opportunities to indulge.  While most of us can't wait to dig into a delicious, home-baked chocolately cake, not all of us have the time to make a cake from scratch, much less the hours needed to painstakenly decorate it.  If television programmes like Cake Boss or The Next Great Baker are any indication, cakes are only getting more and more elaborate and expensive.


It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This.....

Time to go back to basics. Here is a quick and easy version of a heart-shaped Valentine Cake which doesn't require a specially shaped cake pan. All you need is the following:

  1. your favourite cake mix and store-bought icing, OR a favourite home-made-from-scratch recipe with home-made icing.
  2. an eight inch square cake pan.
  3. an eight inch round cake pan.
  4. a large flat plate, foil covered board, or cake plate large enough to hold the finished product.


  •  Mix your cake batter according to your recipe or the directions on the package. Pour half the batter into the eight-inch square cake pan, and half the batter into the eight-inch round cake pan.
  • Bake according to your recipe directions.
  • Cool on baking racks.
  • Once completely cooled, carefully move the square cake to your foil covered board or cake plate. ***PLACE IT AS A DIAMOND, NOT A SQUARE***.....or on an angle, so one corner is pointed up.
  • With a sharp knife, carefully cut the round eight inch cake in half so that you have two half-circles.
  • Place one half-circle on either side of the diamond.  This will give you a heart-shaped cake!
  • Ice as desired.  You can make a very simple icing bag by putting a few spoonfuls of icing in a sandwich bag, twisting it closed, then carefully cut a very small piece off one corner of the bag.  Using the same icing or a complimentary icing, you could write a message or even make little rosettes on your Heart-Shaped-Cake.

Garnishes for Your Cake

 Use your imagination and creativity to come up with simple garnishes for your heart-shaped cake.  Here are some favourite combinations:

  • use a grater to shave white chocolate over the cake. Then use raspberries to outline the heart shape, following the edge of your cake.
  • chocolate shavings to cover the cake, halved strawberries to edge it.
  • chocolate or white shavings with halved maraschino cherries to garnish it.
  • ice the cake with chocolate icing as smoothly as possible. Place a large paper lace doily on the top of the cake and gently shake powdered or icing sugar over it. Remove the lace doily carefully. You will have a beautiful design on your cake!
  • Look in your cupboards - what do you have? Jams or jellies can be used, as can dried, fresh, or canned fruit. I once iced a cake with strawberry jam, then shook grated coconut over the whole thing. It turned out surprisingly well.


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    • Avamum profile image

      Sarita Harbour 7 years ago from Yellowknife, Canada

      Ritu - I'm so glad you gave it a try!

    • profile image

      ritu 7 years ago

      hi!its really awesome.everyone appreciated when i made it.thanks to you

    • Avamum profile image

      Sarita Harbour 7 years ago from Yellowknife, Canada

      Mistress of Spice - your cake sounds so creative! I look forward to reading your hubs. Thank you for stopping by.

      Susan and Dusty Snoke- I tried to keep it simple so that even older kids could give it a try - we want to encourage the next generation of bakers!

    • Dusty Snoke profile image

      Dusty Snoke 7 years ago from Chattanooga, TN

      wow seems very easy and the cakes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great tips here Thanks!

    • Mistress of Spice profile image

      Mistress of Spice 7 years ago from uk uae

      oh great heart shaped cake, special occasions like engagements are welcomed. two heart attached by ribbons, its awesome.the taste, the styling and decors says it all.A friend of my hubby, it was an engagment and I had made up a twin heart cake, the friends and family was greatly surprised at the finish, it was a pleasure making this cake with so much love and lovely hub..

      Avamum, stop by mine and read up som, let me know which one of my hub inspire you..


      Mistress of spice..


      happy hubbing