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How to Make a Holiday Wreath out of Christmas Ornaments

Updated on February 26, 2012

Want to make a beautiful wreath for a friend or loved one? Maybe even for yourself to decorate your house? Well I have a way to make a wreath from a clothes hanger and some Christmas ball ornaments. This way is so simple and easy and you only need a few things to create it! These wreaths can go for almost a hundred dollars, and they are all worth it, they are beautiful. I like the Christmas ball wreaths so much for than the green grass wreaths. So if you are interested about how to make one then you should give this a try and hand them out as gifts too! Keep reading for instructions and the things you will need I hope you enjoy. :)

Things you will need and Directions:

Things you need:

Hot glue gun

Wire hanger

A bunch of different sizes, colors, and patterned Christmas balls



First you will need to make your wire hanger into a circle shape without undoing the hook. Then you are going to take off all the hooks on the Christmas ornaments. Then take your glue gun and glue down the little metal top to all of the ornaments make sure it can't wiggle around and is stuck to the ornament good. After that untwist the top of the hanger and start to string on all of your ornaments! You can use different sizes and colors just be creative and make it how you want it to look. Once you have strung all of your ornaments on retwist the top of the hanger and add a pretty bow and you have an easy hangable wreath! That is just so gorgeous and goes with every holiday. You are all done and let me know how it goes, leave your comments and feedback, thank you so much for reading! Listed below are some other great crafts that you should try.:)


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