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How to Make an M&M Christmas Wreath

Updated on December 7, 2011

Holiday M&M packages mix red and green candy coated chocolates in each bag. The candies taste delicious on their own with the candy coating slowly dissolving to the velvety smooth chocolate in the center. The M&Ms are also suitable for holiday decorating. Instead of dropping the candies into a clear bowl, try making your own wreath.

What You Need:

Round wreath foam
Black duct tape
Glue gun
Holiday M&Ms

Wrap the Foam

Before gluing the holiday M&Ms to the wreath, you must wrap the form with black duct tape. Purchase the foam from a craft store, picking the right size for your needs. Tear strips of black duct tape off the roll and wrap around the foam. The tape should stick to the back of the foam and completely cover the foam. Cover the entire round with the tape.

Gluing the M&Ms

Spread the M&M candies on a table and look through the stack for any deformed or damaged candies. Remove any broken or damaged candies from the stack. Turn a glue gun to its lowest setting. Once the glue is ready, apply a dab of glue to the back of a candy and set on the top of the wreath. Work your way around the top of the foam, gluing the candies to the surface.

Turn the wreath onto its side and attach more M&Ms to the sides and edges of the wreath. Go over the wreath a second time, filling any gaps or uneven areas with more candies. If you want a textured look, glue a second layer of candies onto the top.

Let the candy dry and wrap a piece of ribbon around the top. Tie the ribbon into a bow and let the ends of the ribbon hang over the top of the wreath. A white ribbon adds an extra touch of Christmas flavor to the wreath and does not detract from the candies. Mix and match the different colors of M&Ms.

Using the Glue Gun

Use caution when handling the glue gun. If you use the glue gun on a higher setting, you risk melting the candy shell and even melting the chocolate inside. Keep the chocolate from melting on even the lowest setting by filling a bowl with ice water. Set a slightly larger bowl on top of the ice water and fill with the M&Ms. The cold base keeps the candy from melting.

Using Other Candy

You can use other candies for the Christmas wreath, including wrapped candies. Hard candies are the best because they will not melt from the glue gun. Attach the candies in a single layer and fill the holes or gaps between each one with a second layer of candies on top.


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