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How to Make an R2D2 Costume

Updated on September 11, 2012



Halloween Costumes

This year my completely awesome 3 year old decided to be R2D2 from Star Wars. I wasn't surprised because him and all his 3-5 year old friends are conspiring to be Star Wars characters. Of course he had to pick one of the hardest costumes to make. My other son decided on Luke Skywalker which I quickly whipped out in an afternoon of sewing.

R2D2 was going to take some thought process, because it would also require some creativity and he would have to be able to walk in it.


How to Make the Costume R2D2

I started with a large pop up laundry hamper that I already had it, it held stuffed animals until I created a better storage for them.

I figured this was a nice simple solution to make the cylindrical part of the body. I have seen these at walmart for about $8 if you need one.

I then painstakingly covered it in white duct tape. It took about a roll and a half. I used my JoAnn coupons to get two rolls of white duct tape for $3 each.

Back sure you cut holes for the child's arms and head. My lovely model was very excited and wouldn't stand still for the photo.
It is his costume so who can blame him.

I google search images of R2D2 and got to work on the design. I used blue duct tape and a large cutting board and utility knife to cut the blue parts out.

I didn't do a lot of measuring and most of the images I drew my hand once I mapped out where I wanted them and approximately how big each area should be.

The back is a little more plain but is just a series of rectangles and squares.


Making the Head of R2D2

So making the top was the hardest part. I knew I needed a BIG bowl to go on his head and I found the idea to attach it to his bike helmet so that it stayed on. The problem was find the right size and shape.

I finally found a big punch bowl at Walmart for $7. It was clear so I had to make it silver. Luckily I had a can of sliver spray paint leftover from the doorknob and vase projects. So I sprayed the bowl only on the outside.

After the punch bowl was dry I was able to decorate.

In order to wear the bowl on his head I attached it to his bike helmet.

I love the Jedi Costume too - this turned out so cute
I love the Jedi Costume too - this turned out so cute | Source


I also made this awesome Jedi costume for my older child. I wish I had taken more pictures about the process. I was so excited about this one I finished it in record time.

He knows how to Build an Awesome Costume, I am not this cool.


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    • CarlySullens profile image

      CarlySullens 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

      This is amazing!!! It is so creative, and user friendly for the child and the mom. I love it! Now how to make a C3P0 costume.