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Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Updated on April 7, 2017

Romance is in the Air

Valentine's Day comes once a year, and if you do well on this day, they rest of your year, will go much better. It is you opportunity to show your significant other, how romantic you can be, and how much you love them. Traditionally, this is the day you want to make this a special day for them. If you are not great at showing affection, Valentine's Day may be a good time to make your true feelings known.

Every year, someone is disappointed by the lack of though of their Valentine's Day present, or the lack of thought that has been put into the gift, so let's go over some points that will keep you out of the doghouse!

Start listening to what he/she is saying ahead of time. When watching TV, are they more excited about the jewelry commercial than the flower commercial? You may discover that your friend, would rather get a piece of jewelry year.

Loves me...Loves me Not

You knew all year round that Valentine's Day was coming, so there is not excuse for not being prepared. This is not necessarily true, but it the way many romantic people feel.

If this day is important to you sweetheart, start thinking in advance what will help you express your love and affection properly,

Your special someone may not be that into holidays and occasions and for some, it is a matter of you love me, you love me not! So, know who you are dealing with!


A Romantic Cruise

When you hear the word, "cruise," do you think of dollar signs? A one day cruise, can be a romantic and inexpensive way to spend the day. Festive decorations and red balloons and romantic music.

These lover cruises usually provide a gourmet dinner with champagne and dancing. Check online to find a cruise for a few hours or a weekend for Valentine's day.

You can take a few hour cruise or if you have both cleared your calendar you may decided to take a weekend cruise to some warm port. Either way, you should be able to find a romantic cruise that meets your budget.

Shop Online

Shopping on line is one of the best ways to search for the prefect gift. There are hundreds of sites competing for your dollars so when shopping online you can find wonderful gift at a discount.

Look for percentage discounts as well as two for one offers and free shipping, especially the closer you get to Valentine's Day. Shop early to make sure your gift arrives in time. Make sure to allow enough time for your gifts to arrive in time!

Make your Own Card

Taking time to make your own card, takes time and shows your affection by taking the time and the effort to make a card. Do you remember how thrilled you were when the class exchanged cards for Valentine's Day?

Make the card a big and garish as you want, load it with hearts, flower petals and lipstick kisses. Take a picture of it for a keepsake for later.

In the card put:

  • A romantic bibliographical time line of your relationship.
  • Coupons promising some special romantic game or rendezvous.
  • Some sexy snap shots

Go Lingerie!

You can't go wrong with sexy lingerie! Men and woman love to feel sexy not just during the day but when getting ready to retire. You can find beautiful pieces that are attractive, functional and not expensive.

Lingerie is something that she needs and will definitely use. So, how to you decide what linger to get her?

Simply, know your partner! If you are going for the lingerie, please go by past experience. Note the sexy lingerie they have worn in the past. Perhaps you want to give a hint, you want them to be sexier. Try Victoria's Secret and get her something on than line

If your sweetie is a conservative, pick out something sensual, but not too over the top. Sleepwear and lingerie, should always be accompanied by another gift to go with it.

Prepare a Romantic Dinner

Make a sexy home made meal or cater if you are not good in the kitchen.

Oysters, strawberries, truffles, honey raspberries, figs, chocolate, coriander and wine are are few foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. It would be fun to incorporate some of these in the dinner.

Lots of candles, soft music and décor will help set the mood for the evening. Keep the meal simple and tasty, prepare things you can feed each other with your finders and by all means don't overeat. You want to save some room for romance.


Giving jewlery for Valentine's Day is not just for women. Men love to receive jewlery as well. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to find a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Unless you plan on proposing, when giving a ring, let them know it is not an engagement ring. You don't want them to be disappoint to discover it is only a friendship ring.

A simple locket, bracelet, birthstone ring or earrings or fresh water pearls are nice and you don't have to take out a loan to get them. Jewelry with crystals and semiprecious gems are also acceptable and not expensive.

When giving jewelry, the main thing when choosing something, is to be thoughtful about the purchase especially if what you choose is not super expensive.

The History of Gift Giving

Dining Out

If you are dining out, before hand do a Google search of the fine restaurants in you area.

Do not wait until the last minute and ask her, "where do you want to go to eat?" She will know you have given this day no thought at all and the evening will be ruined.

If you want a twofer, choose a restaurant that has dancing as well! A Cuban or Latino restaurant that has salsa dancing will add to the spicy night but not your wallet!

Spend Time Together

If you land your partner are not into giving gifts, then make the whole day is about being together!

Prepare a quiet intimate time with together, maybe taking half a day off work and getting dual messages and heading back home for an afternoon of delight!  For the evening, either order in from a gourmet restaurant 

Whatever you plan, put your heart and thought into it and you will have a Valentine's Day to remember!


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    • Celebrates profile image


      3 years ago

      These are some really great ideas for Valentine's Day and is very nicely illustrated article. Happy Valentine's Day!

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      5 years ago from North Texas

      Valentine's Day IS just around the corner and will be here before you know it! I like the idea of making your own card best, and my next favorite you mentioned is a romantic homemade dinner. A special 'date' or outing (cruise or other) sounds good too. Once married, I think couples don't spend enough time together having fun. Great hub! Voted up, interesting, and useful!


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