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How to NOT Ruin Your Wife's Valentine's Day

Updated on January 8, 2013

Make Her Valentine's Day Great

Okay guys, Valentine's will soon be upon us. We all know the story....Valentine's is a holiday made up by the greeting card companies, my wife knows I love her so the gift is unnecessary, yada, yada, yada. As a woman, let me cut you off right there. There is no female that like's standing around the water cooler the next day and telling their friends they got zilch or a "happy Valentine's baby!" type of card (aka "zilch") for V-Day. If your relationship is like many American's, the day to day expressions of love often falls through the cracks. This in turn puts more pressure on special days, like Valentine's and anniversaries, to be more meaningful. As a gift to your wife, please read these ideas to make this your wife's best Valentine's Day ever...especially if you don't have a romantic bone in your body!

Express Your Appreciation

  • Put Some Thought into It. Your wife is smart and she will know exactly how much time and effort you put into her gift. The less you do romantically the rest of the year, the more you need to do on Valentine's (sorry...just the cold hard truth bud).
  • Spruce Yourself Up. Whatever you choose to do, stay in or go out, be sure to look nice and smell even better.
  • Open Up. Women love sentimental notions and romantic gestures. Men aren't known to feel the same. However, Valentine's gives you an excuse to be "corny" so your buddies shouldn't joke on you too much. If you choose to write a card, don't start and stop with "Happy Valentine's Day!" You're not in middle school anymore. Write your personal thoughts about your wife, specific reasons why you love her or summarize a story about your relationship that maybe has not been thought of for a while (i.e., what you thought of her on your first date, when exactly you knew you loved her, etc). Fill that card up!
  • Expensive doesn't always equate a great gift. Expensive gifts are nice, but the time and effort that you spend making your wife's day special is what it is really about. Buying a high ticket item without a heartfelt card or private dinner will not mean as much. Like momma always said, "It's the thought that counts".

Ummm...Draw Me a Map

I've already given you all you need to know, but in case you are remedial here are some specific ideas (if you use this cheat sheet instead of your own ideas, you better use a combination of two or more):

  • Write a heartfelt card (see above) with any of the below ideas.
  • Trade in the generic chocolate box of candies for chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate apples. Maybe even go with an edible arrangement.
  • If you go flowers, order them. Bouquets bought from Publix on the way home scream "last minute gift" (not about the money spent, but about the thought).
  • Plan a picnic. Be creative. Unless you are in Florida, it'll probably be cold outside (this goes back into the planning and effort mentioned earlier).
  • Give her a bubble bath. Don't stop with a tub of water...Add rose petals or bath beads to the water. Light the room with romantic candles. Play some of her favorite soft music.This type of gift should be about pampering her, not fast-fowarding the date to the bedroom. Help your lady relax.
  • Take her to her favorite restaurant for her favorite meal. If the eatery takes reservations, RESERVE your table. Don't just show up and hope you get a table or have to wait for 4 hours.
  • Do the chores around the house. Wash the clothes, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum, etc. Do the whole shebang so that she doesn't have to lift a finger. It will mean a lot to her and it will cost you nothing but time.
  • Leave her some love notes. Leave her little notes expressing your love for her where she will find them (on the steering wheel of her car, attached to her purse strap, on her pillow, on the bathroom mirror, on the front door, etc). Start first thing in the morning and leave them where she will continue to find them throughout the day.
  • Book her a spa can be solo or it could be as a date with you.
  • Give her a massage...add candles, rose petals, nice music, etc.
  • Cook her a homemade meal (or if you're the type that burns water, make it together).
  • Call or text her throughout the day to let her know that you are thinking of her.
  • If you have kids, get them involved by having them make her special homemade gifts.
  • Do a coupon book. Yes, the thing you did for your Mom when you were young still works. Give your wife coupons for a "day off" (no cooking, cleaning or babysitting), a massage, a home cooked meal, a dinner out, etc. Use whatever you think will appeal to your wife, just be sure to follow through whenever she wishes to use them.
  • Have a Valentine's getaway. This can be a "staycation"at a local luxury hotel or you can literally leave town if it will work out with your family's situation.
  • Finish those promised tasks. Been meaning to fix that broken drawer or leaking faucet for the past three months? Finish those tasks!
  • Instead of spreading roses on the bed, write 50-100 notes that express reasons why you love your wife. Spread those on the bed, instead.
  • Pick up the "Fireproof" literature or the Resolution from "Courageous" and actively do it if you or she (or both) are not opposed to Christian-based materials.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do You Consider Yourself a Romantic?

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Make it Special

Remember, Valentine's is not about the materialistic aspects. It is about relationships. It is about showing appreciation and love for your wife. Put thought into whatever you do and she will not be disappointed. Make the day special by telling her "I Love You" and then show her just how much! Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!


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