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How to Nail a Perfect Summer Party in London

Updated on December 30, 2013
Summer Fun
Summer Fun

Summer Celebrations in London

We all wait for summers in London. After months of gloomy impatience, summer sunrays feel like the touch of the God itself. Undoubtedly, summers are the most delightful and charming season of the year. And there can be no better way to welcome the balmy sunshine than a summer party.

Nonetheless, the very idea of holding a summer party puts strains on many people’s forehead. Right from choosing summer party venues London to decorations and making hefty preparations, every step involves a lot of concentrated effort from your part. That is why, you need a comprehensive guide to help you at every step.

However, you need not plunge into the process of framing a guide. Here is the perfect guide, which will cater to the every aspect of your summer party. From venue ideas to themes, go through this guide and get answer to your every question.

A Venue with Open Space
A Venue with Open Space
A Venue with a Quirky Colour to It
A Venue with a Quirky Colour to It


More Important Than You Think

Searching the perfect venue is the most important step as “well begun is half done.” Do not ever trivialise this aspect. The perfect summer party venue can add that touch of glory to your party. It is not that you have to organise a summer party at your backyard. This is an out-dated notion. This summer, take your party outside. You can host your party at London party venues or you may opt for venues with open spaces. Here are some of the venue types, which you can consider for your summer party in London according to your taste and requirements.

Venues with Open Spaces

Soaking up some sun, while having fun is not a bad option. More so, when you are having a summer party with your aim being to host a memorable BBQ party, you will find plenty of venues that boast either an open space or a garden room where you can host your summer party. Venues like, The City of London Club are ideal venues with open spaces.

Venues with History behind Them

Your summer party with these historic venues will definitely be a historic one, quite literally. The presence of a long history and the array of immaculate facilities at these venues will act as a catalyst in making your party an unforgettable affair. Gibson Hall and the Tower of London can be considered in the list.

Venues with a Quirky Colour to Them

Summer parties are sometimes most memorable when they are loaded with quirkiness and craziness. For those who do not want to toe the line of others when it comes to searching a summer party venue, London offers an unbelievable range of unusual venues. From moored ship on Thames to a tropical themed party venue, London has it all.

A Flip Flop Invitation
A Flip Flop Invitation
Postcard Invitation
Postcard Invitation


Invite in a Style

Your invitation cards should be as creative and as irresistible as your party. Doling out dull invitation cards can be a dampener. Try putting some summers’ warmth onto your invitation cards. You can try these ideas.

Flip Flop Invitation

The first thing that comes to our mind when we see flip-flops is summers. So potent is the connection between summers and these casual shoes. Then, why not incorporate it in your invitation cards? Use a computer program and a scanner to do this. Put one colourful flip-flop on the scanner and close it. Enveloping the whole scanner with a large clothing sheet will minimise the amount of light leaking out of the scanner. Then, scan the flip-flop art onto the greeting program. Use that flip-flop artwork as the front of the invitation. Adding phrases like “summer bash” or “bask in the sun in our party” can be quite attractive.

To buy party invitations online, you can visit too.

Postcard Invitation

A postcard invitation with the pictures of pool or the beach can convey the essence of your party. If your summer party is a cocktail one, then putting the pictures of little umbrellas with summer drinks accompanying it would be quite apt.

Garden Party
Garden Party
Under the Sea
Under the Sea


Creating the Perfect Ambience

If you want your summer party to be a truly memorable affair, then try infusing some creative themes to your party. It is not just about choosing the best venue. If your party is without any theme, then it is like a soulless body. You can choose from lot of lively themes that can fill your party ambience with an unprecedented vigour.

Regency Garden Party

Turn the clock backwards and infuse the charm of regency era in your summer party. Place along table in the garden and serve your guests tea, cakes with jam, cheeses, small sandwiches, oysters, and port wine as an alcoholic beverage, if required. Adorning the table with the blooming flowers can beautify the venue like never before. And, adding abandon to the regency era themed party would be the divine music by Beethoven and Schubert.

Under the Sea

This theme is not that difficult to incorporate as the name suggests. Hang some fishermen’s nets around the party space. Cover every inch of the venue. Then, place some plastic fish inside the nets and cover all the light sources with blue cellophane. This will help in giving the place a radiant aqua hue. Some helium-filled blue and green balloons floating up in the ceiling will create the illusion of aqua life quite superbly.

Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Icy Drinks
Icy Drinks


Let the Food Sing

Summer time means lots and lots of fresh produce. You are bound to be spoilt for choices. From marinated meats to icy cold drinks, summer offers a delicious variety of food for your party.


Summers means the weather is warm and sunny. Therefore, items like potato salad and shrimp cocktail will not be ideal for your summer party. Soft cheese balls, small portions of fruit and vegetable salad will be quite ok. However, do not forget to replenish the appetizers with fresh portions from time to time.

Main Course

Grill-items are the all-time favourite for the summer parties. Hamburgers to grilled kebabs to pork steaks, there are plenty of options for you. If possible, keep the burger part to the minimum, as it is not a main course meal. Grilled vegetables, potatoes, corn, and squash can bring a unique touch to the main meal.


Icy cold drinks are an integral part of every summer party. Though soda and beer are common favourites, you can also go for alternatives. Icy green tea, honey-infused lemonades, and other refreshing drinks can also serve the purpose of drinks quite comfortably and that too in a healthy manner.


Go for fruit inspired tarts and pies in the summers as summer season abounds in fresh, seasonal fruits. Strawberries tarts and pies are the crowd favourite and very refreshing too. Homemade vanilla ice cream can also satisfy the sweet tooth of you and your guests.


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