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How and Where to Order Christmas Cards online - Photo Cards, Personalized Cards to Make

Updated on November 12, 2015

Holiday Christmas Cards

Holiday Photo Cards - Personalized Christmas Cards Order Online
Holiday Photo Cards - Personalized Christmas Cards Order Online | Source

Designing a Christmas Card

Sending out Christmas cards each year is an age old tradition. From the store bought cards to cards that are created at home, each year Christmas cards arrive in our mailbox from family and friends.

Receiving the cards are as much fun as sending them out. Some are received with just a simple greeting and signature on the card while other send us photos, family updates, and fun things in their cards.

Creating your own Christmas card can be a fun thing to do with your family. Whether you decided to make your own cards at home on your computer, use special photo or card software, sending out electronic cards out to everyone due to costs, or creating cards on line with photos and special messages.

Tiny Prints has a wonderful Web site for designing Christmas cards from home. The cards start at .66 cents each. You can add photos, personalized messages, decorations, choose your colors, pick out specific designs and more!

Cards can be made into ornaments, photos cards can be saved for picture frames, pop up cards make a fun choice among the many selections to choose from.

A story or a photo cards can be filled with information about the family and what they have been doing over the past year or just to share a sentiment with a loved one.

You can choose from hundreds of styles of unique holiday cards. From traditional holiday photo cards, vintage photo holiday cards, photo holiday cards and more. Holiday cards can feature symbols such as snowflakes, wreaths, ornaments, snowmen, gingerbread, Santa, and more!

Make sure to plan ahead and place your order in time to mail them out for the holiday season. Many Web sites will send the out directly from their place to everyone on your mailing list just in time for the Christmas Season.

To Learn More about Tiny Prints Christmas Cards and Sending out Cards from their Site Be sure to Click this Link...

Types of Holiday Cards

There are many types of Christmas cards to choose from when sending out your Holiday greetings.

Standard box cards - Cards that can be purchased at any department store and signed by the sender. Many varieties to choose from including once printed with recycled materials, different designs and more.

Photo Cards - These are always one of the fun ones to receive. Photos cards are from people who enjoy sharing family photos, photos of pets and other Christmas greetings on them.

Portrait Holiday cards - Featuring a sit down photos of kids, married couples or families that can be framed and saved.

Modern Holiday cards - Clean and simple with a modern flare.

Vintage Holiday cards - Old Fashioned Christmas ideas featuring scenes from Christmas past.

Classic Holiday cards -- Featuring the old standards, from Santa Clause, Reindeer, Snowflakes, snowmen and more wonderful holiday scenes.

Using a software program to design cards - There are many great software programs available to use to design your own cards. When using this method you can use your creativity and add as much or little detail as you want to your cards. A homemade card can be personalized for each individual you are sending one to.

No matter what method you choose to send out greeting cards be sure to include loved ones on your mailing list that enjoy hearing from you even if you only get the chance to send them a card once a year.

How to Make Christmas Cards


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