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How to Plan a Trivia Night that Rocks Their Socks Off

Updated on June 11, 2014

Trivia Night Basics

Trivia night events are a great way to raise money for your cause. Whatever your cause may be -- church fundraiser, school fundraiser, Race for the Cure fundraiser, etc. -- a trivia night can be a great way to make a good amount of money quickly. Here are some major factors to keep in mind when planning a trivia night event.

  • Writing Good Trivia Questions or Buying Trivia Questions
  • Picking a Date For a Trivia Night
  • Keeping the Trivia Night Moving

Writing Good Trivia Questions or Buying Trivia Questions

Writing trivia questions is MUCH harder than it seems. I have planned many trivia nights and even with a keen eye, small mistakes are made. Those mistakes lead to challenges and discord from the trivia fundraiser crowd. Finding good trivia questions is probably the most important part of a trivia night. The food can stink, you can run out of beer, the room can smell like moth balls, and the trivia night will be fine. However, if your trivia night is full of bad trivia questions riddled with mistakes, wrong answers, or questions that can have more than one answer, your trivia night will fail miserably and your trivia customers won't return next year.

If you want the security of using a trivia master's questions, there are some websites that offer the ability for you to buy trivia questions:

  • : They allow you to choose your categories (including audio and visual categories) and make them into a .pdf and/or an Excel document and/or a PowerPoint. With Trivia Packs site, you can make a trivia night with 100 questions and a full, ready-to-go PowerPoint for your trivia night in about 10 minutes.
  • : While you cannot select your individual categories on 3 Sheets Trivia, you can shuffle questions. All trivia categories on this site are a mix of trivia subjects. They do not offer PowerPoint creation.

But, IF you'd like to risk it and make your own, here are some tips for writing your own questions:

  1. Make sure your trivia questions can only have ONE answer: Read it upside down and backwards and even have someone else read your questions and try to prove you wrong by finding another possible answer.
  2. Write your questions as clear as you can. There can only be ONE way to read the question or you will have people coming up with multiple answers. Multiple answers means more unrest at your trivia night. People take their trivia seriously...especially when alcohol is involved.
  3. Put some real thought into your question difficulty. You need to make categories that will cater to everyone at the trivia fundraiser. In each category there should be like 1 really easy, 1 kind of easy, 6 mediums, and 2 hard questions.

Pick a Boring Date to Play

The best way to make sure that you won't have a good turn out is to plan your trivia night during a major event or holiday.
The best way to make sure that you won't have a good turn out is to plan your trivia night during a major event or holiday.

Planning Your Trivia Night Date

If you want people to show up to your trivia night, keep them in mind when picking your date. Plan your trivia night keeping in mind major holidays, sporting events, and other events that would stop people from attending your fundraiser.

Besides planning around major events, also keep in mind that TYPICALLY, Saturdays have better turn outs as people have more time during the day and will have no problem getting to your event on time.

Also, start time for trivia nights is best at 7 with doors opening at 6:15 or 6:30 (they should be opened at the earlier option if it is a themed trivia night or a trivia night with a table decorating contest).

Trivia Nights Can Be So Fun...IF Your Trivia Questions Rock!

Yes!  Trivia nights rule!
Yes! Trivia nights rule!
Make sure to tell your trivia players to bring their own snacks.  It makes for a fun camaraderie at the trivia table.
Make sure to tell your trivia players to bring their own snacks. It makes for a fun camaraderie at the trivia table.

Tell Us About Your Trivia Taste

What Are Your Favorite Types of Trivia Questions?

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Keep Your Trivia Night Guests Entertained

Nothing is worse than going to a trivia night that is boring and seems to drag on FOR-E-VER (hope you got the Sandlot reference there). So, keep your trivia fundraiser alive buy using these tips:

  • Don't take breaks between each round. Put in maybe 1 or 2 SHORT (5-7 minute) breaks thought out the night. Besides that, 2 minutes between each round is satisfactory.
  • Keep reading off raffle names to a minimum. If you have a ton of raffle prizes (I have been to a trivia night that had -- no joke-- 75 raffles), then wait until after the answers are read for round 10 and winners announced to read all of those off. All of the people who didn't happen to participate in the raffle could care less about those. Frankly, they just waste their time. We don't want to waste anyone's time. If someone joined the raffle, they will gladly wait to hear if they won the big prize!
  • Make sure that you keep control of the crowd. When you say a break is over, a break is over. For this, you may need to make sure your audio is up high enough for all to hear, but still: it's your crowd to control and guide through a lovely, enjoyable, fast moving night of trivia question fun!
  • End the trivia night NO LATER than 10:30. Even that is pushing it. I'd say 10:00 is when people are done and ready to leave. R

Just remember: you want them to have an extremely pleasant time at your trivia fundraiser so that they will come back for many years to come...and donate lots and lots of money for your cause!


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