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How to Plan a Wedding Perfectly

Updated on March 8, 2015

It's really hard to be imaginative sometimes, especially when you feel overwhelmed.

As you plan your wedding out, the last thing you want to do is stress out about everything in the background.

Your day is about YOUR happiness- a new step in your life toward your dreams of evolving into something new and exciting- with your favorite color, and everything it brings with it. Our favorite color happens to be blue, so we're planning our accent around it. You are recommended to have a wedding to do list to check if everything is going perfectly.



  • Get out there and take your engagement photos and plan that engagement party, one of our personal favorite parts.
  • Insure your engagement ring! It might seem silly but that baby is worth a lot- maybe even more than just sentimental value. Take care of your investments.
  • Begin to establish who you think will be at your wedding- yes, even this early.


Plan Your Theme- Pick Your Style

We picked BLUE- it can be cobalt (bright and vibrant), royal blue (bold and dark) sky blue or baby blue (light and refreshing) or even an emerald- blue green color if you wanted- there are so many beautiful options. Unlike a lot of other colors out there, blue is a perfect color for weddings because it won't get overwhelmed by all the other colors out there. It doesn't take a lot to really ruin a wedding- there are plenty of other things that can go wrong- but virtually every weather situation you can think of goes perfectly with a vibrant blue backdrop. Plus, blue is a beautiful color, it's practically everyone's favorite- and it goes with pretty much anything to give you that dreamy vibe you'll remember forever- blue glistening in the sun on the back of your chairs, with perfect blue invitations- your perfectly matched dress- cake and flowers- everything will be exactly like you've seen in you dreams- on down to the after party with glowing sky lights. Pick what you love best and you'll be happy with it for the rest of your life.

Realistically, your wedding decides who you are, and it’s a huge process! Don’t settle for anything less than the best! You have to put everything on the line, carefully planning and plotting out your strategy. If you don’t, the day will overwhelm you and you’ll be struggling to get everything finished like you truly wanted to- and you don’t want to be depressed or upset on your special day. It’s a lot of work, you’ll spend a lot of time, and there’s an endless list of stuff to work on- so get busy!

Get ready to start working on a LOT of stuff. Planning a wedding is hard work! Luckily, we're here to help you figure out everything you need to know to get the beautiful wedding you've always dreamed of, without missing a beat so that you forget anything important right before your most important days.

Pre-Planning for Success:

  • Figure out what your budget is, and settle on which shade of blue is perfect for you. These days, even if you don't have a huge budget you can find all the help on the internet to find exactly what you need to design to fit ANY budget.
  • Decide on your wedding guests-this one's up to you, while you've got to invite his mother, don't let yourself get frustrated with the planning . Have who you want to be there BE there. You don't owe anyone anything, just because someone invited you to their wedding doesn't obligate you to invite them to yours.
  • Choose the Best- On both sides, and start finalizing a wedding date. It doesn't happen overnight!
  • Decide which family traditions to incorporate! If you're a religious family, these types of scenarios might be VERY important.
  • Figure out the funniest way to send your wedding announcement to the newspaper. If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right! Seriously, though: stay lighthearted.


Paperwork and the Ceremony

  • Are you two lover-birds doing prenuptial agreements? It might upset you, but sometimes you’ll be glad you did!
  • Confirm your RSVP's as soon as possible (these always come in at the very last moment, no matter how early you send them out). You can use a wedding guest list template to track them.
  • Write your vows (this part is so exciting to think about, don't leave it up to the last minute) sometimes people have them pre-written but even something simple and from the heart is definitely more tear-jerking and sincere
  • Prepare your toasts, and have everyone else prepare theirs. Try to avoid anything embarrassing if you can- it doesn’t have to be ridiculous and silly.
  • Head Count! This will be integral when dealing with wedding desserts, caterers, ushers, and flower counts. Plus, you need to figure out how everyone is going to sit and call your guests who haven't RSVP'd yet.
  • Take a drink, sit back and relax your frayed nerves before the next awesome

    chapter:Chapter ONE: Your New Life- Your BLUE wedding. (Or whatever YOUR theme is)

  • Getting everything broken it, getting haircuts, spa treatments (of course)
  • Your Emergency Bridal Kit
  • Party and Have a Blast!

More Major Stuff

  • Decide if you want to cut your stress by hiring a planner, or take it on your own! You can do it! Just plan on spending some late nights and weekends- especially if your wedding is happening sooner rather than later.
  • Where are you going to have your wedding? Are you going to have it at a church or an open venue? Take liberty here, blue colors are absolutely spectacular for any place you put them- especially if they are vibrant blue colors, like cobalt or royal blue.
  • Hire a photographer. Trust us on this one. Your friends might have some years in multimedia at college- so what. Hire someone who makes their living taking pictures. If your budget is small, ask about a budget package. Generally, they'll be more than willing to help, if not, remind them that you'll go find another one.
  • Flowers are huge here, but it's more about what you want. If you go with light, periwinkle styles of blue, then you'll be able to take creative color liberty with your flower choices. I once saw a beautiful Caribbean wedding set in light blue that features vibrant orange, yellow and silver flowers. If you're going with darker colors of cobalt or royal blue, go for roses! The bigger, the lighter, the better. Play them off of a darker dress for a beautiful contrast. Here's a link to one of our favorite pins!
  • What kinds of foods do you want to have? Do you want to plan out your own styles of food or would you like to have your event catered? You can have the cutest blue cookies made with edible pearls and sparkles to brighten up your experience for next to nothing. Catered events are also becoming more and more affordable than ever before, it just takes a little research.
  • Video Pro- You've got to capture your memories, and if you don't get a professional to do it, you're going to end up with windy, awful sound quality where you could have perfect sound in any occasion when you hire a true professional- of course to match your budget.
  • Music, Chairs, Linens, RSVP's (in blue of course), wedding night accommodations
  • ALCOHOL (open bar?- These can get expensive.)
  • Your wedding cake design. We have a huge variety of awesome blue wedding cake options here- some are designed with inlaid edible gems and stones, but the sky is really the limit these days when it comes to cake decorating
  • Wedding dresses? We've found you some truly ingenious options that you'll absolutely fall in love with here
  • Register your gifts! These days you can even create your own wedding website pretty simply and easily, so there’s really no reason not to get it done as soon as possible
  • How do you want your hair? Sometimes one of the biggest decisions as you near the end is how exactly you want your top-half to match. Are you doing something traditional with it, or are you going to do something crazy?
  • Make your makeup appointments! No way that you're doing it yourself on your special day. You have to consider everything- light, weather, humidity, what your theme colors are, and the approach you’re going for.
  • Bridal party, anyone? Have you got any plans? We sure do. Are you hitting the town, are you partying, what’s the plan, ladies?

After the Wedding

  • Pick up your marriage licenses
  • Tip your caterers, music Disk Jockeys- everyone you hired to make your wedding special
  • Thank You cards
  • Change all of your insurance policies! One couple forgot to do this, got pulled over on the way to their honeymoon and had to haggle with a cop not to get a ticket. Fun, right?
  • Check your outstanding registry items.
  • Enjoy your Honeymoon! You've worked hard for this.

Your wedding doesn't have to stress you out. With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of love between you and your partner, you can plan out the best possible blue wedding that doesn't make you blue when it's all said and done. Enjoy the experience, and enjoy taking a step toward your new future.


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    • monic-alang profile image

      Monica Langley 2 years ago from USA

      Hi Dwight it is nice to see you on my hub... Actually I've experienced some wedding managements so... =P Well thanks again for a nice comment ^_^

    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Very informative.............It sounds like you're a professional at this.

      Nice hub ;)