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How to Send a Plant in the Mail Yourself

Updated on February 10, 2011


Sending a plant to a loved one yourself is a warm gesture. It is an easy, and less inexpensive than ordering from a florist or online nursery.  Choose one your loved one would enjoy such as a miniture rose bush or a peace lily. With proper preparation and packing correctly, the plant should arrive fresh to your loved one. Check with the United States Department of Agriculture about sending different types of plants to certain states.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Purchase a plant in a plastic flower pot from a nursery or local home improvement store the day before you are going to send it. Choose one that hasn't bloomed flowers yet to avoid its delicate flowers being injured during shipment.

Step 2

Water the plant deeply the night before you send it so the soil will stay moist during shipment. Drain the flower pot in the sink.

Step 3

Wrap newspaper around the flower pot. This will secure the soil from spilling during shipment and keep the soil moist. Wrap burlap around the leaves and tie it with twine.

 Step 4

Place the newspaper-wrapped flower pot inside of a plastic grocery bag. Tie the top opening of the bag around the stem of the plant. Do not place a plastic bag around the burlap-covered part of the plant. Leave it uncovered.

Step 5

Secure the flower pot inside of the shipping box using a cardboard corrugated divider. The divider will lock the flower pot in place at the bottom of the box, preventing movement during shipment. Place the greeting card inside of the box for your loved one.

Step 6

Place bubble wrap in any empty spaces to further prevent movement. Tape the shipping box closed and address it appropriately to your loved one. Ship it overnight for a fast delivery.


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