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How to Set a Spooky Halloween Table

Updated on September 28, 2010

For Halloween parties and get-togethers, adding some spooky elements to your table can really set a festive tone. Here are some ways you can set the ultimate spooky Halloween table this year!

1. Use torn tablecloths.

Find some inexpensive black, orange, or white tablecloths for your table. Then shred the edges of the tablecloths. Dye portions of the tablecloths different colors. Put holes in the tablecloths to make it look like a monster ripped through it! Layer the tablecloths on your table. Destroying your tablecloths and draping them over each other on the table will make your table look a bit more ghoulish—and also give you an outlet for any pent up party-hosting stress!

2. Fill clear containers with red Jell-o or jelly.

Get clear plastic containers of different shapes and sizes, fill them with food that simulates blood, and set them on your table. Red Jell-o or jelly will work well for this. You can also put worms or body parts (these can be found at Halloween stores) in the containers as well for an extra spooky look. A severed hand reaching up out of the jar can be a particularly great effect.

3. Serve spooky snacks.

Halloween is the perfect time to delve into some creative cooking to produce spooky snacks. Mashed up green Jell-o can appear as “boogers.” Peeled green grapes can look like eyeballs. Long cookies with almonds on the tips will appear as fingers. Use red food coloring to give dishes a creepy look. Use Halloween cookie cutters for cookies shaped like pumpkins, bats, or witches hats.

4. Use spooky flatware.

If possible, use flatware that is Halloween-themed. Paper plates, cups, and napkins can be used as an inexpensive way to make your table look more festive. For a more formal event, consider using Halloween themed napkins as a way to complement your flatware. A pair of spooky candlesticks can be a dramatic way to set off your other table decorations!

5. String cobwebs on the table.

“Cobwebs” are available at any Halloween supply store and give your spooky table just the finishing touch that it needs. Keep the cobwebs away from the food of course, but string them on the edges and corners of the table. Also consider hanging the cobwebs from light fixtures, walls, and ceilings around your table for some added spooky atmosphere. Chairs can also be wrapped in cobwebs to appear especially inviting. 

Image Credit:  kendalls entertaining life, Flickr


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