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How to Spend An Excellent Valentine's Day On A Budget

Updated on February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day


A Little History

February 14th is a day some people love and some people despise. Valentine's Day may be one of the best days of the year for you because of the attention you receive from your special someone or the worst day of the year for you because you do not have a special someone.

Originally, Valentine's Day was a liturgical celebration for a Christian saint by the name of Valentinus. Valentine's Day is known by two names; Feast of Saint Valentine and Saint Valentine's Day. This is a holiday that is celebrated in many different countries around the world.

Valentine's Day On A Budget (Tips)

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How To Have An Awesome Valentine's Day On A Budget

The saying "money isn't everything", is true. Money doesn't have to be the source of your Valentine's Day this year. There's nothing wrong with spend tons of cash for your special someone on this special day, but if you're on a budget, here are a few things you can do and still have a great, romantic Valentine's Day.

1. Make Dinner At Home/Cook Together

Why not cook together! Pick a dish you would both enjoy cooking and get in the kitchen! You may be surprised at how fun cooking with your mate is and how much you have in common. If you want to surprise your special someone with their favorite meal, make sure you plan ahead. Set the table and don't forget the candles! Give yourself enough time to make the meal properly. Make sure you have enough ingredients to make the dish and a little extra if you desire.

2. Host A Couple Potluck Dinner

Chances are, you are not the only couples who are trying to enjoy their spouse on a budget. A great solution to this problem is hosting a potluck dinner for couples. Whip up a few dishes and allow your guests to make a few of their favorite dishes. Put all of the dishes together, and you have the ultimate Valentine's Day feast!

3. Skip Chocolate-Make Cookies or Other Treats

Chocolate is the universal dessert for Valentine's Day. Would it be wrong if you skipped the chocolate this year? There are a lot of other sweets you can choose from, including cookies, ice cream and cake. You can take the healthy route and celebrate with fruit.

4. Write Love Notes

Ah, the original text message; handwritten notes. Let your spouse know how you feel about them with a love letter. Nothing screams sincerity like a note that was written by hand. Feel free to let your creativity run wild. Color the note, doodle on it, design it. Do whatever you want to make the letter that much more special.

5. Spend Quality Time

A lot of people are dedicated and focused on spending money that they forget about spending quality time. Quality time cannot be purchased and time cannot be replaced once it's gone. Spend quality time with your special someone by participating in favorite activities or starring in each other's eyes the entire night.

6. Take A Walk in the Park

Walks in the park are a lot more romantic than some people believe. Hold hands and discuss anything that comes to mind. Kiss under the moonlight or streetlight and confess your love for each other. It may sound corny, but remember that it's the little things that count. This little adventure will stand out in your spouse's mind forever.

7. Have A Picnic At the Lake

Have a romantic picnic at the lake. Pack a few sandwiches and snacks and head to the lake. Have fun with the ducks and admire your surroundings while you and your special someone enjoy each other's company.

8. Have Fun with Specialty Foods

If your significant other is a fan of a specialty food, such as Chinese, Italian or Cuban food, make a date of it! You can attempt to mimic a favorite specialty dish or take your spouse out to their favorite restaurant.

9. Watch Movies

There's nothing wrong with calling it a night and snuggling up to watch a few good movies until someone falls asleep. Every movie you watch doesn't have to be mushy and lovey, but hey, it's Valentine's Day! Whatever you and your special someone feel like watching, watch it. Don't forget the popcorn!

10. Do Some Chores (Surprise!)

Doing chores may not seem great in any situation, but your sweetie will be pleased that it's one more thing they don't have to do. With more free time, that's more time they can spend and enjoy with you. Teamwork is all about helping each other. With the chores out of the way, you and your love can take on the night.

11. Valentine's Day Pictures

A lot of photographers and photography companies offer deals during Valentine's Day. For $20, you can have a Valentine's Day keepsake and new pictures to put on your wall. If you want to take another route to pictures, dress sexy and take a few selfies for your mate. Take the pictures with their phone or send the pictures to them. There's nothing wrong with spicing up the moment!

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