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How to Spend Your Holidays in New York

Updated on December 1, 2012

The Holiday season in New York is getting into full throttle. Lots and lots of things to celebrate, New Yorkers, both kids and adults are preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, the winter solstice,New Year's Eve and many more events. In fact, these events are merely excuses to celebrate, party, feast and enjoy. New York turns into a wonderland during the Holiday season. There are so many things to do and see, you might find it difficult to schedule your time during this festive season.

From heartwarming concerts to holiday markets, from luxurious fifth avenue departmental store to downtown boutiques, from salon manicure to full body massage, New York won’t let you spend a moment of this Holiday season without something fun and entertaining.

Visiting New York! Not sure what to do or what to see! Can’t make up your mind about which ones to attend, well you can always book a New York City tour. Hop on/hop off bus, cruises and helicopter are available for these tours. There are plenty of good places in New York to dine out. You can choose luxurious restaurants or cheap fast food chains and then there is soul food which is very popular in some areas of New York.

New York spas are famous for their top class service. Your holiday season can’t begin without visiting a spa or salon to get some beauty treatments. Manicure, pedicure, facial are just a few things to start with. Then there is the option for massage and other pampering services that you can indulge in during the holidays. One spa in Manhattan, NY which is satisfying its customers for more than 20 years is Dyanna spa. You can check it out or choose one near your residence. Many cheap spa packages in NY are available during the holiday season. Spas try to attract more and more customers by offering cheap packages combining pampering services and skincare treatments.

During the Holiday season, you will find New York a lot cleaner and people nicer than usual. The atmosphere is incredible; you can’t but feel happy and joyous.

To be realistic, not everyone gets the Holiday they deserve or want. Not everyone can buy luxurious gifts for their dear ones. But, hey, you can have fun nonetheless.

Spend all your time in facebook. Play a lot of games. Then you can spend your Holiday season the same way you spend normally, playing social games on facebook of course. Usually, those social games on facebook release a ton of new things, objectives, missions, etc. based on Holiday events. You can spend all your time sitting in front of your computer and playing and chatting with your neighbors/game buddies.

Fan of movies, buy some classic collections like Star Wars, Star Trek, Godfather, Monty Python series etc. and you have the material to pass your Holiday dreaming yourself as a spaceship Captain, mafia godfather or whatever your favorite character is.

Happy Holidays!


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