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How to Start a Christmas Memory Book

Updated on November 18, 2012

A Christmas Memory

our Family Christmas Memory Book started in 1964.
our Family Christmas Memory Book started in 1964. | Source

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Christmas Memories to Cherish ~

Christmas is an ideal time to start a memory book or memory album which can be stored with the Christmas decorations and kept going and updated through the Christmases to come.

A Christmas memory book will capture all those special and unique memories for you and your family which future generations will love to cherish and reflect upon.

The reason I know this is because we have such a memory book in our family which was started in 1964 and is updated and kept going to this day.

It has been something we have all enjoyed reading at different moments in our lives and is regarded as an important family heirloom.

A Family Heirloom Christmas Memory Book

our family memory book started in 1964 by my mum and dad continues to this day.
our family memory book started in 1964 by my mum and dad continues to this day. | Source

Memory Book Ideas ~

Occasion for Memory Book

Our Family Heirloom ~

The book today remains with my dad who has kept it going since my mum passed away in 1997.Opening it you feel as if you should be wearing a pair of those white gloves you see historical document handler's wearing.

It’s not the prettiest memory book you will see by any means. A plain university notebook that has masking tape to reinforce the binder which holds years of documented Christmas memories. Now there are two books attached together now the family has grown and expanded.

All the scribbles, ticks, different coloured inks and age stains only add to the character and authenticity of this book which holds not just one Christmas memory but forty-eight years of wonderful memories.

Most of our family book was written by my mum but the more recent entries are written by either my dad or by me.

It acts as a reminder of all those loved ones that are no longer with us notably grandparents, my mum and family friends who are all featured in our Christmas memory book.

The great thing to see is the newer generations taking an interest and wanting to know more about their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

They also love to see what gifts each got when they were babies! Something that started out as a mere notebook has become part of our family tradition and one that I treasure greatly.

Family Memories to Cherish

family photos are great to include in a memory book.
family photos are great to include in a memory book. | Source

Christmas Memories Through The Years

with the passing of time new generations take over the entering of memories.
with the passing of time new generations take over the entering of memories. | Source
children start writing their lists for santa clause which help parents.
children start writing their lists for santa clause which help parents. | Source

Quotes on Memories ~

I walk down memory lane because I know that I'll find you there - Unknown Author

Take care of all your memories. For we cannot relive them - Bob Dylan

I miss the past, I know I'll never get it back but at least I have the memories - Unknown Author

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness - Bob Hope

Starting a Christmas Memory Book ~

This is as easy as buying a notebook, picking up a pen and starting to write. Ideas for Christmas memories may include ~

Christmas card list ~ A list of all those you wish to send cards to including any overseas Christmas cards which can be entered under an overseas cards list separately if you have quite a few which we did.

Calendar list ~ If you traditionally send calendars, it is useful to enter these into your book. My parents always sent calendars at Christmas to family and friends living abroad.

Plants/Flowers ~ If you normally give a plant or bouquet of flowers to anyone, make a note of it here. My grandmothers always received a plant at Christmas time.

Christmas Gifts ~ These can be in list form under different headings if you usually give to different people. For example family, friends and work are different categories of gift giving common at Christmas. Our book has each immediate family member listed with their presents received. Friends are listed under a separate header as are any gifts sent to work colleagues. It even includes post-it lists which I and my brothers wrote as wish lists for Santa which obviously acted as Ideas for family.

Family Christmas Recipes ~ An ideal addition to a memory book for Christmas is any recipes you traditionally use for Christmas. Every family has different customs and traditions at Christmas so why not enter them into your memory book. My mum would always make a particular desert for Christmas Day and it would be the only time in a calendar year she would make it. Full of calories, we loved it and I have carried on this tradition as my brothers don’t consider it to be Christmas without this desert and reckon their attempts at making it are not as good as mine or mum’s!

Photos ~ Capturing your special memories at Christmas deserve to be kept in a special place, why not pop them into your memory book and make sure to make a note of who is in the picture with dates. In years to come all this will be a great source of information.

Special Memories ~ You can also keep a note of any funny, emotional or unusual moments in the book.

Christmas Day Diary ~ Why not keep a page or two with this header in mind and write it like a journal or diary for the day’s events including your thoughts. In years to come this will make fascinating reading.

Capturing Wedding Memories

wedding gifts received and who from. List of who is to be sent a piece of  wedding cake.
wedding gifts received and who from. List of who is to be sent a piece of wedding cake. | Source
The unusual gift of a calf was one of the wedding gifts received.
The unusual gift of a calf was one of the wedding gifts received. | Source

Make A Memory Last Forever ~

Memories at Christmas can last a lifetime and beyond when kept in a memory book. Something that may sound very basic can be a unique and wonderful source of family history for years to come.

The beauty of starting a memory book is it can contain whatever you want it to. Whatever you feel Christmas represents to you and your family, enter it into your book.

Our book started as a list of wedding gifts received by my parents, using the same book six months later for their Christmas lists.

It was as simple as that and is still kept up to date yearly in the same way.

Little did my mum realise that the book she started in 1964 would have such an impact on her children and children’s children.

My brother’s have since started their own Christmas memory books for their young families so the legacy continues.

This article is dedicated to my mum, Helen Ridgeway who was a constant inspiration to me and a much missed member of our family.

List of Presents Received for Family

 Christmas 1971
Christmas 1971 | Source

Thoughts on The Memory Book Idea ~

Do you think a Christmas Memory Book is a Good Idea?

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Author Info ~

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