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How to Throw a Fabulous My Little Pony Party for a Little Girl

Updated on December 9, 2014

What Makes a Good Party

Here are some ingredients you need to put together a fabulous party:

Great Friends,
Delicious Food,
A Cake (obviously),
Fun Games,
Places to Sit,
An Awesome Theme

The only thing I'd say our party fell short on was the seating arrangements, ha! I love throwing theme parties -especially for my little girl- and she just LOVES My Little Pony. I had to do this for her! Pinterest inspired a lot of my ideas and I threw in some of my own as well. The result was that party and this hub. I hope some fellow MLP (My Little Pony) fans (girls OR boys - my husband is definitely a "brony") borrow some of these ideas and even take some of my signs! Happy Birthday to your little one!!

MLP Party Signs for the Games & Food

Something for Every Pony!

Rainbow Dash's Sonic Fruit

Get a White Cloud-Looking Plate from the Party Store. I found ours for $1!
Arrange colorful fruit like a rainbow:

Red - Apples (peel on, obviously)
Orange - Clementine Wedges
Yellow - Pineapple
Green - Grapes
Blue - Blueberries

And Marshmallows beneath the rainbow for clouds!

Fluttershy's Bunny Food

Veggie Tray with Veggie Ranch Dip. We just did baby carrots and cut up celery and it was perfect! Wait until the day of or the day before to cut the celery. My friend, Peaches, cut them into small pieces, which were almost bite-sized. I loved it!

*** We put out the Fluttershy's Bunny Food and the Rainbow Dash's Sonic Fruit before the pizza arrived. That worked out nicely because since the kids were all hungry, it forced some healthy food into their mouths! ***

AppleJack's Apple Acres Juice

Get some apple juice boxes (that say 100% juice, no sugar added) and dump them into a big pretty bowl. Easy peasy! Presentation is everything. ;-)

Rarity's Gemstone Treats

4 cups of mini marshmallows
5 cups Fruity Pebbles cereal
1/2 cup of stick butter

Measure everything out, and have all ingredients ready. Coat the bottom of the casserole dish with a stick of butter before you start making the treats.

Use a heavy pot, put it on very low heat, I mean LOW! Low-low. Melt the butter entirely and quickly add the marshmallows.
Stir it on occasion but stand right there.
When its completely melted, slowly pour in the fruity pebbles.
Stir it, add more, stir it, add more. Turn off the heat immediately upon adding the cereal. Stirring is more like folding the mixture in on itself.
The marshmallows harden quickly as they cool so move fast.
Once you've stirred in all the Fruity Pebbles and mixed it well, pour it into the dish.
Use a folded piece of wax paper (coated with a little bit of butter) and press it into the dish, making sure it's flat on top.
Let it cool, uncovered. Cut into squares and serve!

Pinkie Pie's Birthday Cake

We all know Pinkie Pie is the queen of parties so she's assigned to the cake!
I chose to make the cake myself. I found these great Cake Boss pans on clearance at Target MONTHS ago for $15, and I bought them just for this occasion.

I used chocolate fudge cake from a box, but it turned out really well! The tricky part was making sure the top, middle, and bottom pans had even amounts of batter.

The little, top tier only needs to bake for about 10 minutes (the box doesn't have instructions for three tiered cakes). Check on it and do the toothpick test.

When it cools, put the cake pieces onto a cake stand. Frost each piece before adding the next tier. I colored the vanilla frosting with a little bit of red food dye to make pink. I recommend getting two containers of frosting because I don't think I had quite enough. The top tier was small so all I could manage to ice onto it was the number 4 (with blue). Pipe on blue icing around the bottoms of each of the tiers. (Pink and Blue are perfect My Little Pony colors for your cake!) The piece de resistance: blue sugar sprinkles! All over it!

I also washed three of my daughter's small pony figures ($2.50 in blind packs at Target) and stuck them into the top of the cake to really have it go with the theme. I only wish I had four!! Some of the kids wanted to keep them so I just had to explain that they were my daughter's toys and I had to borrow them for her to put on the cake. It was fine.

Twilight Sparkle's Chocolate Cookie Bark

You know, because she lives in a tree...

This treat is DELICIOUS! But WARNING: it contains peanut butter. Find the recipe at KraftRecipes dot com.

Princess Celestia's Jelly Bean Game

Of course, the queen of all Equestria had to have a role in the My Little Pony party! So I put her in charge of the Jelly Bean Game. Now, this was a little over the heads of the four year olds attending the party. But I think it was fun anyway; I ended up including all of the adults, and it was a hoot. All you do is fill a mason jar with jelly beans (make sure you count them, obviously). I bought two bags of Market Pantry beans at Target for $2 each. In our case, the jar contained 288 jelly beans.

Pass around the jar so people can examine it to make educated guesses, and have your sister pass out pieces of paper and crayons. Then have the birthday girl walk around with a hat to collect guesses. One of my friends guessed 10,000. Classic!!

The winner gets a prize.
[I didn't want to give away the mason jar to just one kid because I was afraid of tears. So after the game, I had my friend Peaches divide them up into small bags to put in each child's loot bag.]

Princess Luna's Tattoo Station

Equestria's favorite "bad girl" gets the tattoo station assignment! ;-)
I bought two sheets of MLP tattoos at the party store for $1 each. I wanted to put a Rainbow Dash on my own cheek before the party started, but alas, I ran out of time.
For this station, I set out a table and all the tattoos in a visually pleasing manner. Right before the party started, I got a (very) damp cloth so I could "tattoo" each kid right there.

It was pretty simple. Peel the front off, place on dry skin, hold damp cloth on back for 10-20 seconds, slowly peel off. They looked GREAT! My birthday girl, got her favorite, Pinkie Pie.
[Tattoos remove with baby oil.]

Make Sure You Use the Right Font!

I found THE My Little Pony font, and worked really hard one afternoon to install it into Microsoft Word for these signs. It was sort of a difficult process, so I wrote a hub on How to Install the My Little Pony Font into Microsoft Word. It's called "Equestria".

My Little Pony Nail Polish

Pink Nails with Glitter Polish on Top.  Party Nails are Balloons, done with a precision nail polish pen (Hot Designs)
Pink Nails with Glitter Polish on Top. Party Nails are Balloons, done with a precision nail polish pen (Hot Designs)

Another Game: Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony


How to Play Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony

I drew all the above cutie marks. I made sure to include many of the boy ponies' marks because about half my daughter's guests were boys.

While everyone was mingling, I let the kids get started coloring. They got to pick the ones they wanted (1-2), and there were crayons right there. Either a nearby adult, or the child (if he or she knew how) would write his or her name on the front.

When they were done, I explained the object of the game: "See this part of the pony? That's her flank and that's where her cutie mark goes. You're going to try to stick your cutie mark right there ::point::. Whoever gets the closest gets a little prize! (But remember this is just for fun.)"

Next, my husband put tape on the backs of each of the cutie marks.

I "blindfolded" each kid with one of my scarves, stuck their arms out with the cutie mark, and walked them right up to the board so they could do the placing.

They thought it was hilarious! And I was impressed with how close each of them got to Rainbow Dash's flank.

I drew this Rainbow Dash and all the cutie marks, but there are some variations you could do. I've seen, "Pin the Tail on the Pony" where you use streamers, and they sell something similar already made at the party store.

Easy Decoration Idea

Happy Birthday Frame

I had some leftover MLP gift wrap (the perfect amount actually). I folded it in half and wrote "Happy Birthday" in fun letters with a sharpie.

I already had this White IKEA frame ($1), and all I had to do was slip the gift wrap inside!

Not to toot my own horn, but I thought it looked ADORABLE! So adorable, in fact, that I put it on the Tattoo Station table.

Other decorations included streamers and centerpieces on the table (pictured below).

Another activity we could have done, where you could have used this frame idea, is a Hoof Painting (nail polish) Station! (This would probably be better if it's an all-girls party.)

How to Draw My Little Ponies (Time Lapse)

Who is Your Favorite Pony??

Who is Your Favorite (or your child's favorite) My Little Pony?

See results

My Little Pony Birthday Party

Send Them Off In Style with Loot Bags and Suckers

I found inexpensive MLP Loot Bags ($3) at the party store, and a kit of six different My Little Pony toys (an 8 count of each)($10). My daughter had a great time putting them in each of the bags with me. We wrote "To My Friend" on the bags, and put them all in a bowl. We also put a little bag of jelly beans in each of the bags after we played the jelly bean game. At the end of the party, she passed all of them out.

Then, as her friends were leaving, she stood at the door with her MLP Bucket ($1.50) of Dum Dums to let the kids take one or two on their way out. I think she loved this responsibility.

When I was a kid, I LOVED Loot Bags!

In Keeping with the Rainbow Theme...


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