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How to Throw a Great 'Stock the Bar' Housewarming Party

Updated on October 17, 2016

Stock the Bar Sign

Jack Daniels Chalkboard Sign
Jack Daniels Chalkboard Sign

Here's What You Need for your Great Housewarming Party

* Food
* Decorations
* Drinks
* Games
* Misc Supplies
- See my Pumpkin Cups
* A Bonfire

Want a Housewarming Party but Don't Need Gifts?

Then this is the perfect idea for you!

I knew I was going to have a Housewarming Party because I love having parties and celebrating with friends. But when people started asking me what we needed and what gifts to bring, I realized / remembered that a "Housewarming Party" is one of those kinds of parties, like a Bridal Shower, where guests are obligated to bring gifts. That's *not* the kind of party I wanted to throw. I really didn't want my friends to feel like they had to go out and try to figure out something to buy for us, and since we've been married five years and living in apartments for that long, we really didn't need anything for our kitchen or whatever else people bring to typical housewarming parties.

So at first, I was answering those questions with responses like, "oh you don't need to bring anything as a gift!! If you really want to bring something, just bring a bottle of wine or something to drink!"

Then, I was browsing Pinterest and saw that there is such an event as a Stock the Bar Party. This is where guests bring a bottle [or box; we're not picky!!] of something for the couple to have in their bar. I thought, "PERFECT! That is exactly the kind of party we would want for a housewarming!!"

Please don't bring us gifts! That being said, booze is always welcome!!

House Wine

Wrap a box of wine in brown lunch bag paper, slap a "This End Up" label on it and write House Wine.  Then tie some twine on so it looks like a moving box.
Wrap a box of wine in brown lunch bag paper, slap a "This End Up" label on it and write House Wine. Then tie some twine on so it looks like a moving box.

Best Part of Any Party: The Drinks

What kind of drinks are you going to supply at your Stock the Bar Housewarming Party? Remember, the idea is that guests bring alcohol that will go into your cabinets or bar for your own personal use in the future; this isn't BYOB. So you have to supply the booze. Here's a list of my favorite drinks that you might consider having for your party. (You can easily tie them into your themes, as I did with the box of wine pictured right.)

* Mike's Hard Anything
I recommend Black Cherry. Just tried it, and it is very good!
* Malibu Coconut Rum & Hawaiian Punch
* Bacardi Dragon-Berry & Lemonade
* Long Island Ice Tea
* Margaritas
* and of course, Beer & Wine

Drinks for the Kids

Frankenstein's Monster Juice Boxes

These are so easy and they look up great! Add this little touch to your Halloween party, and impress all of the kids at your party (and their parents)!


- Juice Boxes
- Thin Green Duct Tape
- Googly Eyes
- Elmer's Glue
- Black Permanent Marker


- Remove straw
- Wrap juice box with tape
(use the sides to redirect the tape down for the next line)
- Put two tiny glue dots where the eyes should go
- Place googly eyes on glue dots.
- Use the permanent marker to draw hair and a scar above one of the eyes.
- Refrigerate for the party

Halloween Food for the Party!

Halloween Carmel Apple Slices
Halloween Carmel Apple Slices
Crazy Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
Crazy Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes

Crazy Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes

[Pin Source]

Are you ready for the easiest cupcake recipe you've ever seen?? And guess what? It's actually kind of healthy (if you forego the frosting, and call them muffins)! Either way, they're DELICIOUS! Try it and you'll see!


- Yellow Cake Mix
- 1 Can of Pumpkin
- Cream Cheese Frosting
- Cupcake Liners
- Freezer Bag


- Put the can of pumpkin and the cake mix in a large bowl.
- Stir briefly with a spoon, and then use a hand mixer to mix into a dough. It won't be smooth so don't spend too much time mixing.
- Spoon into cupcake liners in a muffin tin so they're about half full.
- Bake at 350o for 20-25 minutes.
- Remove and let cool.
- Snip a hole in the corner of the freezer back and spoon in frosting.
- Squeeze frosting out of the hole and onto the cupcakes so they have a pleasing appearance (like pictured above... Thanks mom!).

Halloween Carmel Apple Slices

[These were inspired by this Pin: Carmel Apple Nachos]


- 4 Apples
- Half Bag of Mini Marshmallows
- 5 TBSP Butter
- 35 Caramels (baking aisle)
- 1 TBSP Water
- Halloween Sprinkles


- Slice apples and arrange them in a tray in a pleasing manner.
- In a small saucepan, melt butter and marshmallows until completely smooth and creamy.
- Combine caramels and water in a bowl and microwave. Stop every 30-45 seconds to stir. Repeat until completely smooth.
- Drizzle Marshmallow sauce and caramel over the apple slices.
- Pour extra sauces into a separate bowl for dipping.
- Sprinkle Halloween Sprinkles on top.
- Serve immediately

*** Special Tip: Once apples are gone / people are finished with this snack, clean out the dip bowl and tray. That caramel stuff will cool and be as hard as cement if you wait too long. I learned this the hard way.***

This was a big hit at our party!!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations on the Front Door
Halloween Decorations on the Front Door
Fun Halloween Decorations on our Walls
Fun Halloween Decorations on our Walls

Halloween Theme

Tie in your Halloween Theme with fun decorations, and you get bonus points for making some of them yourself! These were great conversation pieces at my party. As a teacher, I'm always up for some awesome Halloween paper crafting, especially if there are googly eyes involved! And kids are always up for some projects!!

1. Bats
Simple Cut Out: have kids put googly eyes on the glue dots.

2. Wreath
Get a paper plate with the middle cut out, add fall colored tissue paper, and painted handprints of a little one.

3. Frankenstein's Monsters
Make Footprints (painted or cut out construction paper) with googly eyes and mouths / hair / scars.

4. Happy Halloween Sign
Give child orange construction paper and have him/her add Halloween stickers and black pieces of scrap paper. If your child is old enough, he/she can cut scraps independently.

Bonfire Materials

* Fire Pit
* Dry Wood
* Lighter
* Dry Leaves
* Pokers
* Friends
* Chairs (optional)

Our Bonfire was Easy

After we had all been inside for a while, we decided to move the party outside. I had borrowed my Dad's fire pit, and we had some dry wood around our yard. All we had to do was light 'em up and we had a beautiful fire in no time. Plus a lot of our guests are experts at keeping a fire going so they had a lot of fun. We didn't have enough chairs, but we did have some, and they weren't even all filled. People had no problem standing. I preferred it so I could get closer to the warmth!

How to Build a Bonfire

Who Doesn't Love a Good Bonfire??

Standing around a Bonfire.  Classic
Standing around a Bonfire. Classic

To Review: Here is What You Need for Your Housewarming Party

Pretzels / Chips
Coloring Sheets for Kids
Sweets like Cupcakes
Veggie Tray with Dip
Tour of the House
Fruit Trays
Drinks for Kids (juice)

Favorite Aspect of a Party

What's Your Favorite Part of Attending a Party?

See results

About My Poll

I'm not sure I would know how to vote in the poll I just created… I wish I could put in an option to allow you to select more than one answer, but I can't.

Also, drinking and fooding might make for the fun time with friends option. I'm looking forward to seeing the results! I love hosting parties!

So tell me: What is it that makes YOU love parties??

Leave me a Comment!

How late into the year would you add a bonfire to your party or event?

We had ours in mid-October and while it was a little bit chili, it was very nice outside! We're in Chicago so weather can vary quite a bit day to day.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What a fun idea for a housewarming party! The carmel apple slices look so good! :) The bonfire sounds really fun and great idea having coloring sheets for the kids!! Thanks for sharing :)


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