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How to Throw a Green Fun St. Patrick's Day Party

Updated on September 28, 2016

Irish For a Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to get together, act silly, and eat and drink food that is unusually green.

This day and age we are surrounded by a plethora of possibilities when it comes to throwing any kind of themed party. Some good ideas for St. Patrick’s Day are:

  1. Dress all in green, of course.
  2. The sillier the better, so dress like a leprechaun.
  3. Deck the party location out in green napkins, tablecloths, cups, plates, balloons, Christmas lights. Anything green or shamrock you can get your hands on.
  4. Serve St. Patrick’s Day themed foods. Use green food coloring to make foods green, even if they aren’t supposed to be green. Shamrock shaped cookies are a good idea.
  5. Replace some regular light bulbs with green party bulbs, especially your outdoor lights.
  6. Sprinkle shamrock confetti on as many surfaces as you are willing to clean up the next day.
  7. Acquire Irish pub music to have playing all night long in the background of the party.

Cocktails Recipes

If your party is for adults, there are great alcoholic drinks out there made specifically for this holiday that would be a great addition to your party.

1. Guiness Beer- of course!

2. Green Beer- Mix one beer with one drop of green food coloring.

3. Everybody’s Irish- At least on St. Patty’s Day! Mix 2 oz. Irish whiskey with 1 tbsp. green crème de menthe and 1 tbsp. green chartreuse. Garnish with a cocktail olive.

4. Irish Coffee- Stir 1 ½ oz. Irish whiskey and 1 tsp. brown sugar into a mug of hot, strong coffee. Add whipped cream on top.

5. Chocolate Leprechaun- Milk, 1 oz. Irish cream and 2 tbsp. chocolate syrup mixed together in a glass makes a delicious St. Patty’s Day treat.

St. Patrick's Day Games

St. Patrick’s Day activities are also a good idea to assure your party is a blast. The winners of these activities should be awarded goofy St. Patrick’s Day related prizes.

1. Irish Trivia- The internet and library are a wealth of information, so put your brain to use and learn some facts about Irish culture for your big night. It would be nice to inform your guests of this game before the party, so that they can (should they choose) study up a little to make the contest more fun. Find your favorite facts and have the questions and answers prepared on note cards.

2. Limerick Contest- Hold a contest after everyone has had multiple St. Patrick’s Day themed mixed drinks to see who can make up the best limerick. Extra points for limericks about St. Patrick.

3. Turn an Irish movie into a game. Pick a word or phrase that is known to be said throughout the movie. Every time the word or phrase is said in the movie, the last person to put their finger on their nose must take a shot or get a punch.

4. If your party location has the space for it, play some Irish jig music and hold a dancing contest. This would be especially fun towards the end of the night when a lot of the drinks have been passed around. Last person on the dance floor wins!


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    • Cheds profile imageAUTHOR

      Heather Henley 

      6 years ago from Buckfield, Maine

      Thanks, Jimmy! :)

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 

      6 years ago from Scotland

      Green Beer, Green Food, Green entertainment lol, we need to Celebrate ST Patrick everyday, so much green we would save the planet.....jimmy

      great Hub Cheds Thanks for sharing


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