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How to Throw an Awesome Tailgate Party--Fun supplies and great recipes!

Updated on September 4, 2012

Go Tigers! Bulldogs! Lions! Bucs! You name it!

With football season just upon us now, its a great time to pull out your favorite team's colors and plan a football or tailgate party. Whether you're lucky enough to get tickets for the game or you'll just be camped outside the stadium, here are some tips to get your party planning started.

Getting there and set up

You should plan to arrive several hours before the actual kickoff. Many college towns have extreme measures in place to help traffic flow, so give yourself plenty of time to get on campus and to your spot. Beware of reserved spaces and lots--you don't want to illegally park or block fire/EMT services.

Once you're parked, fly a brightly colored or unique flag to help your guests find your spot. Set up a folding table and chairs behind your vehicle maxmizing your space without intruding on someone else's party or the traffic right of way. Introduce yourself to your tailgate neighbors--the fun is in the comraderie.

Decorate your table and space with your team's colors and mascot. Vinyl tablecloths are cheap and available in nearly any color at a party store. Party cups, plates, and utensils should all be easy to get to and match your theme. Google your school or team to find your own matching themed supplies--I am a Clemson Tiger, so all of my examples will be that beautiful purple and orange combination.

Face it, its all about the food...

Your food choices will be key to keeping your party interesting AND filling.

Dips & Appetizers

Get Fired Up for these Grillers

Invest in a good portable grill so you can dish out the standard hamburgers and hotdogs, but to take it to the next level, try these grilling ideas:

Keep It Clean

Remember to bring trash bags and clean up supplies to your party. Don't be a slob and trash your space. Be respectful of your neighbors, your school, and the opposing team's fans. Everyone is out to have a good time. Show your school spirit--not your behind. Keep music family friendly and a low volume. No one wants to hear a bunch of profane lyrics. Save your rowdy parties for home or out far away from the crowd. If you decide to include alcohol in your menu, enjoy responsibly by designating a sober driver. Recycle bottles and cans.

Enjoy yourself, entertain your guests, and support your team with family-friendly food, drinks, and behavior. It's going to be a great season!


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