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How to Throw the Best Anti-Valentine's Day Dinner Party

Updated on February 10, 2011
Celebrate Cupid's death with a party.
Celebrate Cupid's death with a party.

Valentine's Day isn't for everybody. For the recently single and broken-hearted it can be downright depressing. But February 14 doesn't have to fill you with dread. Instead, create your own celebration with the ultimate Anti-Valentine's Day Dinner Party.

Who to Invite?

Only singles allowed!

Need I say more?

Ok, what about the dress code? No pink or white clothing item has a place at this party. Black and red clothing works best.


Party Decor

Everybody loves roses, but this occasion calls for black roses. Ask your florist for black colored roses and make the flower bunch the centerpiece of your table.

Your dining table should have a red tablecloth on it.

Lay some black candles around your house. It will set an intimate but distant atmosphere. It is not supposed to feel like a matchmaking party.

Party Song List

The soundtrack of your party should include anti-love songs. None of the sad love songs. This list is my favorite top 10 anti-valentine songs.

- "You give love a bad name" by Bon Jovi

- "You're so vain" by Carly Simon

- "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce

- "Love stinks" by J Geils Band

- "Love is gone" by David Guetta & Chris Willis

- "Used to love her" By Guns'N Roses

- "U and ur hand" by Pink

- "Through with you" by Maroon 5

- "You oughta know" by Alannis Morissette

- "Love bites" by Def Leppard

Dark Passion cocktail
Dark Passion cocktail | Source

Drinks and Cocktails

A party is not a party without the adequate drinks. For this day introduce some red and dark colors together with some strong and bitter taste. That is what Anti-Valentine's is, right? Here are some ideas:

1) Sangria, the most loved spanish drink, gets its name from 'sangre' which means blood. Literally, sangria means 'a bleeding'. So what better drink to have than a bleeding love?

If like me, you'd rather not have red wine, serve some cava sangria to your guests. Try my own mastered recipe, made with mangoes and strawberries. If you fancy something redder, just add some food colorant.

2) Campari, the italian alcohol aperitif, is also a great choice for use in cocktails. Its red color and bitter taste makes a great combination. Try a Campari Mojito or make the Campari Orange Passion cocktail featured at Here is how to:

- Mix 1 part campari with 3 parts orange juice and one teaspoon of brown sugar. Add crushed ice and two slices of fresh orange.

Its bitter sweet taste will remind you how much better off you are without your ex!

3) Sure there will be some some vodka lovers out there. If so, surprise your guests with black vodka. The blackish-violet hue of Blavod vodka will create many ohhhh's and ahhhh's from your crowd. It is worth trying one of the cocktail's on Blavod's main website, the Moon Glow (I call it Dark Passion). Simply pour cranberry juice into a tall glass withice, top with soda and gently float Blavod on top, creating a three layered drink.

Bleeding Hearts Cupcakes
Bleeding Hearts Cupcakes | Source

Dinner Menu

Surprise your friends with a welcome edible bleeding heart. These heart-shaped cupcakes do actually bleed jam. Bake this bleeding heart cupcakes with strawberry or raspberry jam. To avoid the pink color in them swap the pink icing for some made with 75% cocoa. This will work best with dark Morello cherry jam. Its color is more blood-like and delicious.

When designing your anti-Valentine's day dinner menu, base your choices on broken heart/bleeding/bitter tasting together with strong colors like red or black. Choose from the next list or make your own:

-"Stuff you! appetizers": Say goodbye to your hurtful ex's with these yummy appetizers. Anything stuffed! Garlic-stuffed olives, feta cheese stuffed peppers, blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms or the Mediterranean vegetables and rice stuffed roasted tomatoes. If it is stuffed, it goes here!

- "Broken hearts salad": Combine artichoke hearts and romaine hearts. Garnish with some parmesan shavings and grill for 30 seconds. Use raspberry or pomegranate salad dressing for the reddish color.

- "Stabbed in the back grilled chicken": Serve chicken bread on skewers (call them daggers in here). Make some hot red spicy chili sauce to go with it.

- "Dark love": Grill fresh prawns with garlic, dry chili peppers and olive oil. Serve them with black fettuccine (the one made with squid ink). It is not only delicious but it will remind your guests that if there is something fishy about their next red hot dates, they must have a dark secret.

Party Games

  • King/Queen of the night

Crown your king/queen. Before inviting your guests to sit at the dinner table, make them write down how many months they have been single for. The person who has been single for the longest gets to sit at the head of the table. Have a crown prepared for he/she will be crowned king/queen of the night.

  • Spin your ex's bottle

The always loved spin the bottle game, but changing some rules. Get your guest's together and make a circle, placing the bottle in the middle. The person who spins the bottle has to say something they did not like about a person's ex (the one who the bottle is pointing at).

  • Stomp on my heart

Place red balloons around the house. Insert a note saying "I don't need no stinking box of chocolates" in each of them except in the winning balloon which should read  "Yes, I do need a stinking box of chocolates". Have each of your guests stomp on one of the balloons. The person with the winning note gets a free box of chocolates. Because single people also like chocolate!


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    • CrisKat profile image

      CrisKat 6 years ago

      Glad you liked it kallinni2010.

      As you say, you have the story and your son to celebrate. And all the good times you had.


    • kallini2010 profile image

      kallini2010 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      My anti-Valentine?

      We applied for registration of our marriage in December 2002 and were given the date - February 13. I said, "No way, I am not going to get married on the 13th of any month! It's bad luck!"

      So, we pushed it to the February 6th. Since all of it was happening in Russia, back then I did not even know that February 14th was so special. I would have chosen 14th because it also happened to be so conveniently a Sunday.

      16 years later... I am divorced, but these Numbers Story I hold very dear. There is no love left, but the story and my son.

      I have been divorced for two years now, but I have been dating and ... learning.

      I like your idea, but for my mood is too much trouble over people who could not care less about me.

      My Valentine's? I go out dancing either alone or with my friends and I am always in the best of my moods when I dance.

      Who needs love when you can dance?

      Or do things for yourself?

      My anti-Valentine? Celebrate yourself the way you enjoy the most! Throw a party? Excellent!!!