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How to Write Baby Shower Invites

Updated on December 27, 2011

Your best friend is having a baby. Naturally you are going to throw her a baby shower. There are many things you need to prepare for the baby shower including the invitations. These steps will show you how to write baby shower invitations.

Things You Will Need:

  • baby shower invitations
  • guest list with addresses
  • stamps
  • pen
  • printer
  • computer

About two months before you plan to host the baby shower, casually ask the mother-to-be for an address list of all of her friends and family she would like to have at her baby shower. Ask her to include email addresses and phone numbers as well. Find out where the mother-to-be is registered is well as what the baby's room theme will be. This way when you are shopping for baby shower invitations, they can match her theme. For example, if she is having a baby boy and his room will be a teddy bear theme, then try to find baby shower invitations with teddy bears on them.

Next, write or type out the invitations depending on the kind you choose. If you have over ten, you may want type and print them from the computer. Just follow the printing directions in the invitation kit.

In the invitation, you need to include the following who, what, when, where, RSVP date and gift registry. See below for an example of an invitation.

Who: Sandi
What: Is throwing a surprise baby shower for Katie
When: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Where: Sandi's home
RSVP: Please RSVP by July 1 at 555-1908
Katie is registered at (name the stores)

In the envelope, include the directions and address to the place where the shower will take place as well as the phone number. Also if it is a themed shower such as nursery items, please include that as well. This way the guests will know what the mother to be really wants or needs.

Address the envelopes and stamp them. Make sure to send out the baby shower invitations a month in advance to give the guest time to RSVP.

Tips and Warnings

1. If it is a surprise shower, please state that in the invitation. Even though the mother-to-be knows there is a shower forthcoming, she does not have to know when.

2. If it is a coed baby shower, please state that as well so men can come, too.

3. Check stationary stores and online stores for different types of baby shower invitations.


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