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How to Write and What to Say in a Mother's Day Card

Updated on April 1, 2012
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day

Once a year we have a special day, Mother’s Day, when we have the opportunity to thank our mothers for all their love, encouragement, and sacrifices. The specific card we buy is not nearly so important, as what we say inside. Make what you write inside like a very personal letter to your mother, expressing feelings from your heart that she will treasure and be touched by. Don’t hesitate to write on the back or anywhere on the card if you need more room, or even insert a letter in the card if you prefer. The steps below suggest some ways to write a loving Mother’s Day card. Personalize and tailor them to your relationship with your mother. If your relationship with your mother is not close for whatever reason, you may want to focus mainly on the parts about expressing gratitude for the things that she has done for you, being as generous as possible. Your words may be a start toward helping the two of you to repair or at least improve your relationship.

  1. Express your gratitude to her for bringing you into this life, e.g., “Thank you for bringing me into this world.”

  2. Express gratitude for her thoughtfulness and for making you feel special, e.g. “Thanks for being sweet, loving, thoughtful, and always making me feel special and loved. Thanks for your phone calls and letters, they bring a smile to my face as well as the overall warm glow of feeling loved.”

  3. If you’re a young adult and she has been there for you, say for example, “As I age and confront more adult issues, I appreciate your listening to me and being compassionate and understanding. Thank you for being my friend and confidante, too.”

  4. Tell her that you know that being a mother is a tough job, e.g., “I know it’s tough being the mother sometimes and having to deal with all the trials and tribulations of having (insert number of children), but you are doing a super job!” You might want to add examples from your childhood on into your adult life that you know were hard for her, e.g. “Thank you for guiding me or rescuing me, supporting my activities/hobbies, financially supporting me when I was short of funds, etc. “ or “I know that my teenage years were difficult and some of the fights we had then may have weakened our bonds, but I know now that you really cared. We each said hurtful things to each other, but I am happy that since then we have forgiven each other and ourselves and focused on rebuilding and making our bonds stronger than ever.” Alternately you might say “Thank you for your support and encouragement when I was trying to decide how to break up with my boy friend, change jobs, move to a new town, what career to choose…” or “You always listened and helped me to make my own decisions by encouragement instead of pushing your own ideas.”

  5. At the end of the card close by saying, “Thank you for being there for me and for your love support and understanding. Thanks also for being my friend. I love you with all my heart. Love Always …

  6. If you can afford it, send her some flowers. She will appreciate them, but as stressed above, most of all she will appreciate your loving words.

  7. Be sure to write a personalized card to her that expresses your feelings; and if there are past hurts, try to forgive your mother if you can.


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